Why would a straight guy want to hang out with a gay guy?

One of my straight friends has been hanging out with some gay guy he works with a lot lately and it has my friends and I wondering. Most guys I know run the other way when they hear a guy is gay because there scared the guy will try to come onto them.


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  • Not all people are afraid of gay people, because there is nothing wrong with being gay. He is just hanging out with friends.

    Hanging out with someone (in general, not one of your love interests), gay or straight, doesn't mean you are trying to get with them, does it?


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  • I have that same thought considering a gay guy I once knew came on to me. I only want to be touched by girls.

  • I don't know, but if you hang around a barbershop long enough sooner or later you're gonna get a haircut.

  • Gay Guys Get Girls lol, he prob wants the girls they guy hangs out with.

  • Yes most guys are homophobes. I don't meet many gay men, but the ones I have run into a pretty cool, I would hang out with them. Though I have notice that gay men are far more comfortable around women.

    But I've been told I don't think like most guys. I would say meet this gay guy. Go out with him and your straight friend. If he is fun to hang out with, then I would assume that's the reason why he hangs with him.

  • either he's gay or he's comfortable with his sexuality enough.

    I'm straight and my best mate is gay, not a prob

  • Some of my best friends are gay and I'm straight, so no, it doesn't make you gay ;)

  • some of my good friends are gay. Have you ever hung out with a gay dude. they are effin hilarious. Some of the stuff they say is funny. for the most part gay guys won't just come on to any guy lol. by the way most dudes if they are comfortable with their sexuality if a gay guy hits on them they will be like thanks but no thanks.

    But then again he could be curious.


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  • well maybe he is gay and doesn't want anyone to know.

    or he could just be a really nice guy and wants to be friends with everyone

    and doesn't let the fact that the guy is gay bother him.

    my bestfriend is gay and he has a lot of guy friends who are straight. just becuase someone is gay and you're a guy doesn't mean you can still be friends with them. that's pretty low.

    and honestly its not like gay guys come onto everyone. if they know you're not gay there not gonna put you in that kind of situation and come onto you.

    so all I gotta say is don't let it bother you. you hang out with people you want to hangout with, let him hangout with someone he wants to hangout with. and if he is gay and doesn't want anyone to know then accept and don't stop being his friend if he is.