How do I choose between my boyfriend and ex boyfriend?

i dated my ex for 10months and fell madly in love with him.He broke up with me and ignored me for sometime. I thought I was over him and began dating my current boyfriend (Jon). We've been together for 16months now and its been a little over a year since my ex but my ex keeps texting me a lot..i don't know what to do!..i love my boyfriend but my ex brings up so much emotion. I love them both so much.. my ex makes me feel sexy and mature but he belittles me and ignores me sometimes. while my boyfriend makes me feel happy in every way possible but isn't all that mature. I know the choice seems obvious but my heart keeps messing with me. When I'm with my ex...i love him..but feel bad because of Jon. And when I'm with Jon...I think about my ex... I just don't know what to do anymore..i don't have people to talk to about this..please help :(


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  • it could be that fact you just miss what your ex did for you and made you feel. he probably heard you have boyfriend so he wants you back. kinda like you want something you can't have. but you have to go with what you think is a better choice. id say stay with your boyfriend that you have now. your ex left you once and ignored you. it could possibly happen again. your current boyfriend seems to make you happy which is really important. you should cut your ties with your ex. could mess a lot of things up. good luck


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  • All I can tell you is this, whatever treatment your ex is giving you is the BEST it will ever be. Knowing that has made it easy for me to move on from a guy that wasn't treating me well and later tries to get back in touch with me. I realized I was always thinking that somehow they had changed because they realized how much they missed me and were trying to reconnect. What I found out though, it was nothing like that for them, they did not treat me any better and I was wasting my time.

    Stick with your boyfriend and stop romanticizing your past with the ex. He's a turkey and, believe me, he won't be changing. Maybe your current boyfriend isn't the one either, but going back to the ex isn't the solution.