Almost 6 months, and not in love?

We've been together 6 months and neither of us have said it, I'm not in love yet.

I'm wondering if maybe we get along great, like each other, but will not ever actually fall in love.

How long should I give it?


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  • Both of you like each other, so it seems like your relationship is just missing that spark which transforms 'like' to 'love. You need to jointly figure out what that is. Good luck! :)

    • Can that spark just be found? Or is our just something that's not there?

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    • I guess I'm not sure how to talk about that with him.

    • Try to tread the middle path. You can start being a bit more logical, while he can try showing his emotions a bit more. It needs efforts, and won't be easy. But still very much possible.

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  • Well it depends... how often do you guys see each other? How much time do you spend with each other? Does he give you butterflies or any kinda excitement to be around him? Do you look forward to just being next to him/touching him? Have you guys been intimate? All these must be considered to see the bigger picture here :)

    • We see each other almost every day. He's practically my best friend. I don't get butterflies. But I feel good around him and I like being with him/cuddling. I look forward to seeing him. We've been intimate

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    • *I mean crush

    • It's a long story, I'll private message you


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  • There is a difference between not saying you're in love and not being in love. If you don't feel in love yet, I don't think it can really change.

    • I have mixed feelings about a guy- if that's holding me back could I maybe still get there?

    • That probably doesn't help. It depends on how much time you spend with your boyfriend. I just know from my personal experience that even after a month, I was growing big feelings for my boyfriend and quickly realized I was falling hard. I can't imagine letting that love suddenly appearing after six month

    • I was falling, but my crush hit me up and told me he liked me. It made it all just vanish and I haven't been able to get it back (happened 2 months ago). I don't talk to my crush and I don't think he wants to talk to me anyway.

  • 6 months and then you'll know. If you don't know by now end the relationship and move on