Is he ghosting on me or am I overreacting?

He haven't texted me, so I decided to send him a text message. We haven't really gotten to know each other much since it's only been a few weeks. Well when I send him a text message, he always reply and he always text in paragraph so we usaully talk a lot. The thing is he just stop initiating text so it would take a long time for us to talk again. I feel like I'm overeacting because it's only the beginning of the relationship, but then again i'm not sure. In the beginning he told me he hate texting and will busy with school and work, so he only text if he want to hang out or have something to say.


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  • How much do you see each other in person? You can't establish a relationship much over text. Fave to face contact is more crucial in my opinion and should be what you two are focusing on. You can't always be the one initiating texting either. It should come from both sides otherwise it indicates a interest level mismatch. I don't think you are overreacting though. Him not making a effort to talk to you seems off. I have a full time job while studying at night and can still manage to find time. to talk to people I care about so I don't think he has a excuse.

  • if you're in a proper relationship, you could talk to him about it. if not, just wait for a bit