I'm so insecure about my stretch marks, I can't get naked in front of my boyfriend?

I'm so insecure about my stretch marks, I can't get naked in front of my boyfriend?

They get me so down. I know my boyfriend thinks I'm sexy but I'm worried that will change once he sees my stretch marks. Everyone says I'm pretty/ sexy but I don't think I am at all. I have such disgusting legs, I can't even wear shorts outside. What guy would not feel repulsed by them?


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  • darling... you have NO RIGHT to be whining about stretch marks... lol
    your little marks are so cute... this is real life, not some movie where you are air brushed and paranoid. I know women whose stretch marks are so profound, they stick Out of their skin.
    Granted, they had children, but they had children for their man.
    According to the words of the great Katt Williams... Stretch marks means...
    "either you used to be small and got big, or used to be big and got small"... any guy that can't accept that... you shouldn't be with...
    there is nothing you can do about stretch marks.. they happen. if your boyfriend says "ew" to it, its your body, he is rejecting you... reject him.
    i know bone skinny girls with stretch marks... it happens... i mean... i have stretch marks too...(long story lol)

    • Aww thanks, i really hope he has the same outlook as you when he sees them x

    • i shouldn't be saying saying this to someone who ain't old enough but darling, as long as he gets to fuck... he's fine with whatever. and even if he isn't... he ain't gonna say anything because..."he gets to fuck"... lol

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  • It's fine, don't worry about it.