First date went well.. I guess?

So me and this guy whom I thought would never ask me out on a date, finally asked me out and we went for a coffee date that lasted for 6 hours!!! I mean.. I was first confused cuz he kept on giving me mixed signals, I didn't give up on him even after 2 months, then when we go out we stay out for so long.. Even though we did not kiss or hold hands, I had such a great time talking to him and gettin to know him, plus he loves deep conversations and thats what I felt we had.. I wanted to kiss him so badly though.. But he's a shy type of person and so am I.. i just hope he had fun as much as I did, now I just wanna know, should I ask him out for the second date? I told him about my love for the moon and yesterday he said if the weather is good we could go to this mountain and watch the moon, but the weather was so bad, so that didn't happen. But I love the idea that he wanted to take me somewhere and watch the moon though.. haha, whats next now? Its exams period in addition, I dont wanna seem naggy, but I miss him.. even though we see each other at the uni, but we dont say much cuz of friends.. should I just wait? Even though he said the next time I can pick the date and the place..


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  • If you ask me he should be the one who asks you out.


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