He asked me out. He kissed me, but he hasn't called. Why?

So, I met this guy online, and we emailed for about a month before he asked if I wanted to 'catch up'. So, Friday night past we met up and went to a bar and had a few drinks. We talked a lot and found we had quite a bit in common, laughing and joking and generally having a good time. He complimented me a a fair bit. (eg. When we were walking away from the bar, he noted that I sort of "strutted" I denied it, in a flirty manner but he said "no, no. I like that you strut. really" and kept telling me I was a lot of fun and cute)

So the date ended and he said he was really glad we met up and such and then he kissed me, really passionately. and said he would call me. So I left the evening feeling pretty positive he was interested and that he would stick to his word and call me. It is now Sunday at 10:35pm and I haven't heard from him. Should he have called by now? What does it mean that he hasn't?

Should I wait a few more days and send him a text or will that seem clingy?

Today I texted him being casual and basically asking if he would like to catch up again sometime. That was at 2pm. it's now 7pm and he has yet to respond. So I guess that's that.Thank you everyone for your helpful advice. Guess it wasn't meant to be.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls always initiate relationships. Even if the guy is the one who approaches the girl, the girl has given the guy permission to approach (she got noticed). Well, maybe not... in which case she's likely to say WTF? You're the girl and it's your job to initiate the conversation. I also disagree with these other people. Tell him you had fun the other night. Well, maybe not directly... but... you could be like... so, did you have fun Friday night? He'll probably say yes and ask if you did... and you'll say yes. Maybe comment on something funny that happened. NOT something to embarrass him though. You both have to find it funny. Dating is like a game where the guy either wins or loses. If you had a good time then he won. If you're no longer seeing each other then he lost. You should text him and let him know that he won. That will make him want to play again (second date).