What kind of women like to date introverted men?

I'm a very introverted and silent guy. Spend most of my time reading, working out, doing volunteer work or just going to bars, restaurants, theaters or random cultural events around the city I live in. Waiting to have sex until I'm in a serious relationship.

Don't go out of my way to strike up conversation with anyone, and in general I prefer outgoing and more assertive women. So I wait for women to make the first move. Because I'm quiet and don't show emotion much some people (mostly other men) assume I have no confidence. But I don't change myself for other people, and I have no desire to be outgoing or to start approaching women. Relationships happen when and if they're meant to, and if I deserve it then love will find me at the right time.


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  • You sound really interesting. I think it's fine that you don't talk much, but when the time comes, a girl will want to know whether a relationship with you is even a possibility in her future. So at some point, you'll probably have to speak up about your feelings for her. Also, relationships can Be difficult when only one person is really involved in them.

    • I talk to people a little more when I get to know them. A few girls have asked me out, the first one dumped me after three weeks. The second wanted to rush things in terms of sex and I wasn't OK with that so I cut things off. Recently a girl I'd known for a year or so said she wanted to date me but insisted that I convert to Christianity, which was a non-starter for me.

    • Stuff like that's going to happen. Just make sure you're putting enough into the relationship. Also keep in mind that a woman may be very assertive but still likes for the guy to ask her out first.

    • I'll ask women out, but I'm not going to go out of my way to approach a woman and hit on her or start talking to her.


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  • i absolutely admire introverted men, the quiet reserved type, something mysterious about them intrigues me, however i attract the total opposite of my type, i fancy this extremely introverted guy, who takes me breath away not because of his looks but his personality, humble spirited very kind , he spoke to me twice and semi smiled, im afraid i will ruin the chance to get to know him and run him away... he used to avoid me, i get the feeling he longs for someone to take the the time or have the courage to get to know him, he is stunning inside out...


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  • You are wrong. When you want a job it doesn't find you. Finding the right women is a full time job. And you have to learn from your mistakes. You have to make eye contact and show some initiative and interest. I warned you.

  • Your thought process is all screwed up, no offence. If you keep thinking that you're going to end up finding the perfect girl by her approaching you, you're sadly mistaking. You're going to wake up one day when you're 40 and realize that you're still single.

    • I agree. If you refuse to do any approaching, how can you expect her to approach you? Especially since that's definitely not the norm. You're not alone because you have no confidence, you're alone because you're not willing to put in work to find someone. I'd be willing to be that if you ever do get a girl to come up to you, it won't be the kind of girl you want. Start asking out girls you find attractive. Pursuing is an attractive, masculine trait.

  • In my experience, most women that I considered to have long term potential were more on the quiet side, and would never make a first move on a guy. They follow the traditional thought that the guy should take initiative if he is interested, which I'm fine with. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I've never seen one myself.