Meaning of a kiss on the head?

What does it mean (if anything) when a guy likes to kiss you on the head?


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  • Sometimes its like a caring thing. Like when my girls sick I'll kiss her on the forehead and such.


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  • Kiss on the forehead- means to couples, that we're cute together. In your situation whereby you guys are not couples, I think he is just trying to show you he cares.


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  • Cute :) what was the situation? what were you doing at that time?

    In my opinion when a guy kisses you on the head or cheek it's an invitation to turn your head so he can kiss you on the lips.

    • :D well in general he likes kissing me on the head... we'll be snuggling or sitting in each others arms and he will place many kisses on my forehead! :)

    • perfect! hehe. he definitely wanted you to turn your head since he couldn't get to your lips

    • Yep, I had a guy once that did that, the kiss on the head was his way of saying, "hey, turn your head so we can make out...