Why doesn't my ex flaunt her new boyfriend anymore?

Let me first say I still have feeling for my ex so that's why I care.

I broke up with my ex because she was immature. After a month she has a newboyfriend and basicly flaunted it to my face. She said she wanted to be friends. The moment I said yes she started this entire thing she doesn't love me anymore out of the blue. It hurt me bad because I never asked that question. She then decides to add my sis on Facebook to change her realtionship status. But sis refused and my ex decided to open up her wall (because we are not friends). One thing I find weird is she doesn't have pictures of this guy. doesn't comment on his pictures or he doesn't either. When we wer dating she commented on my pictures. Does she like this guy. I Haven't spoken to my ex for about a month now. And she gave up trying to get me jealous.


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  • i think she moved on. you should as well


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  • well nothing much has changed has it? she's still immature if she feels she has to rub a rebound in your face. she's probably done trying because she couldn't get a response from you or she's really starting to like the guy. she could also be forcing herself to like the guy because she isn't getting a response from you. its hard to tell really. but you shouldn't give a damn, the kid is a bullet dodged.