No contact during his guys trip, boyfriend is gone for 4 days and I miss him?

I know my boyfriend is having a great time with his friend but I miss him. I am at work while he is partying with his friends. I want to bother him but I am not, I will just wait to hear about all the fun when he returns. But I just want to confirm... Guys is it best to not contact my boyfriend during his guys trip?


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  • Yes when I'm on a guys trip I generally only want contact with the guys I'm with, that's why it's called a guys trip. I may call my girlfriend occasionally when I have down time but that's it. You could maybe send a text asking him to call if he has some down time but try not to bother him, he will call when he can. It's rude to talk on the phone while on a trip with people except when you have some down time alone of course. Not to mention you may miss out on some of the action.


What Girls Said 1

  • My boyfriend is now on a trip with his colleagues too. Well, of course I miss him, but at least I know he's happy and having fun. I trust my boyfriend, I don't think he will do anything bad. I don't want to call him because if I was out with my girls, I wouldn't want my boyfriend to be clingy and keep calling me as well, that's just no fun. If he misses me, he would make time to call me. Actually, what everyone should do when their boyfriend or girlfriend is away is to have some quality time with themselves. You should take this time to treat yourself. There should be something that you'd like to do, but you don't really get to do it when he's around. You can treat yourself with a nice home spa, or go out with your girls. There are plenty of things to do out there. If you miss him so much, or want to be a sweet girlfriend, you can take this time google a nice recipe of something he loves to eat, then make it for him when he comes back.