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Ask a girl out and she says yes, but later she changes her mind?

Hi, This girl has been flirting with me for a while now, so I start talking to her and after talking to her a couple of times I ask her out and get... Show More

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  • you will never really honestly know unless you ask. no need to play the guessing game here. you don't need to hear a bunch of half assed guesses from strangers (no offense to anyone answering this question), but there isn't any way they could know for sure why these girls keep doing this. you deserve a real answer, so ask for one from the source, her.

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  • Maybe something you did or you said ? Just ask her even tho she probably won't be honest.

    I also hate when people do that...

  • Yes ask her since she layed it out to it's worst extent. No... You can only go up with anyone from there. It also could be she might have a man but would say yes and did. Girls with a man are always flirting and trying to get guys to fall in love. Not caring because she likes you and you to wow her because her mans not. When it comes to the trth they say sorry I'm taken. Then wants you back for that extra attention. But really it could be many reasons. Lots of attention whores every where!

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