Why doesn't he ever call or text?

I am really...really confused about this guy I'm talking to. We've been talking for months now, and hanging out. He's really sweet when we are... Show More

Okay...he just contacted me today. I guess it worked...
Thanks everyone for your answers and advice

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  • Sounds like a friend of mine... He met some girl that he was crazy about when he was in New York visiting friends (which is a 2 hour drive from where he lives) and told me all about her and how excited he was and wanted to know if I thought she liked him too. Anyway, after hearing a recap of the weekend I agreed that it sounded like she was into him & asked when he was going to see her again. His response was, "I don't know." I asked when he had last spoke with her (it had already been close to a week since they last saw each other) and he said they hadn't! I asked if he had tried calling or texting, he said no... when I asked why not he said he was trying to work his schedule to see if he could get back up there for a couple of days but wasn't sure what to say. I told him to get his phone and text her right now & "Hi" would be a great place to start. I checked back a few days later and he still hadn't done it! He said he was trying to get tickets to the Yankees game then he'll call her. He ended up waiting 2 weeks before he finally called this poor girl.

    I was dumbfounded. I always thought if a guy liked you they called but here was my friend w\ho really liked this girl and couldn't stop talking about her yet didn't call. I hadn't realized how awkward he felt about dating. So, he averaged talk to her in one form or another once a week or every couple of weeks for a couple of months and was already talking about bringing her to a wedding this summer but she eventually gave up on him and started to blow him off. I told him it was his fault.

    I don't know your guy but just because he doesn't call doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you. However, I like to be chased too. It's not because of some power trip or what not but I like confident go getter kind of guys and whether or not a guy has the confidence to take the initiative to ask me out is huge. It's the first clue I have that this guy may have potential.

    So, you can try asking this guy what's up but I suggest you ask yourself if this guy is really right for you. =/