I called too many times...is it a really big deal?

My boyfriend called me today, but I couldn't talk, so a few minutes later I called back. (we're long distance). He picked up and he was in his car, and the reception was terrible so he couldn't hear me. So he hung up. I called him back, but he didn't pick up, so I assumed he was in a "no reception" area. As a result, I kept calling him until he would be in an area where he had reception. I left one voicemail and one text but I did call many times. When he never called me back I started to think that maybe something had happened to him, but I didn't leave any worried voicemail or text. My boyfriend called me back and told me he had been on the phone with his dad, which seemed odd on his part because he knew I was trying to get in touch with him, but regardless, he told me it was odd that I would call so many times. I knew it was odd, but from my angle I was just trying to catch him in a good reception area. It wasn't like I thought he was with another girl, I just wanted to get ahold of him and I didn't think it was a big deal. I asked him if he was freaked out by it and if he thought I was a stalker, and he said "No, I'm not freaked out. And of course you're not a stalker, you're my girlfriend. It's just unnecessary to call that many times." Then we proceeded to have a normal conversation. Should I be worried about this?

I do this with my family too, when the phone times out because of reception. I really don't think it's such a big deal.
I'll also point out that most girls he's been with have been very clingy, and he says he prefers that. So he's not the typical guy, but I'm still afraid that he's totally turned off by me now


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  • He's fine. Let it go. he's probably not going to dump you. Please don't repeat your questions.


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  • Why would you be worried about it? Just say you thought something had happened to him or something and then get over it.


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  • Well he probably found it weird but as long as you don't do it again I think you will be fine. Don't worry about it.