Drunk texted a coworker that I have a crush on, better to drop it or apologize?

This coworker and I are definitely friends outside of work. We are also some of the best technicians at our job, but don't see each other there often because we work rotating shifts. We've drank together a number of times with other coworkers, and the last couple of times now we've had some drunk texts going back and forth reassuring each other that we're awesome and things will be fine.

We're both off of breakups in August. Mine ended in a way where I know I'm done with my ex (though she insists she wants to be friends), and I'm basically over it. Hers was less clean, her ex keeps still wanting to 'hang out' but doesn't really seem to want to date anymore. We've drank a couple times to 'sh*tty exes' and had some good nights out.

Problem is I got thrown into the fire at work yesterday. Someone we needed didn't show up to run a procedure. I'm fully trained in the procedure, but haven't had the certification exam yet to prove it. I was asked to cover by my superiors, otherwise nearly $250,000 would have been wasted. I did everything right, but spent the last hour of my shift being both praised and yelled at for doing the procedure. I drank heavily.

My coworker was one of the ones I texted, basically saying 'be ready once we get certified, I'm sure it gets no better', basically listed out everything that happened that day and asked what she would have done. She kept reassuring me though and insisted that we were going to be the 'best damn employees they have' and told me she hoped I had an awesome night and could shake it off.

I then asked if she wanted to come out and join me after she got off of shift and didn't get a reply. It's possible the message didn't send but it appears on my phone (my phone is sh*tty). Would you apologize for this kind of messaging or just leave it?


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  • If you want to bring it up, just say: Hey, wow! The other night was crazy! Thanks for texting me, and I had fun, but it would have been better if you would have come out. Maybe next time?

    It seems friendly enough, and you let her know that she was missed. It looks both friendly and that it could mean something more.

    Good luck!


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  • dont dig the hole any deeper. just let it go. if she wants to discuss it she will bring it up.

    just forget it and play the friendship as normal.

  • Just leave it


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  • I'm not sure I'm seeing what you ate concerned about. Are you worried cause you asked her to come out and drink or that you sent her a somewhat pissed off text about a shit day at work? Really, it sounds like nothing to me... I thought I was going to hear about how you asked to see her tits or something.