Likes me, but only ready to hangout, not date.

Got this girls numbers, texted for about a date, then took her out on a small date and kissed her on the cheek at the end. She said she had a great time, and loves a guy that make her laugh. I asked to see her again, and she said she had recently gotten out of a relationship and isn't ready to date anyone and have it go somewhere. She then went on to say, "but id love to hangout with you"

So, my question is...what the heck is the difference between dating and hanging out to her?

I assume she likes me, but just isn't ready to jump back into another dating scene?

Should I still hangout with her, being friendly, flirt with her, and maybe hold her hand if were watching a movie?


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  • She just sounds like she's really scared of getting hurt again, I know what it's like to get hurt and try to make my way back to being comfortable with letting someone in again, I have told guys this before that I just want to hang out because I just want to be around you without any expectations of what is going to happen, I don't want it to go fast, I don't want to expect anything because there is just no way I can feel anything if a guy is there the whole time sniffing around expecting me to date them already, it's just really not letting me come out of myself or make me feel comfortable nor does it really show that a guy can respect me. Put a screeching stop to those wheels of yours and just chill out with her as friends for a while, don't make any more moves just yet or you will just push her away, the last thing you should do is lay on any pressure right at the start even with any girls, be there for her and show her your a nice guy and let her come to you in her own time, just see how it goes, good luck!.


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  • I'd just respect her wishes for the time being..hang out and get to know her but don't make any moves. Doing that after she told you she wasn't ready will push her away..maybe after a few times hanging out you could ask her where she's at and if shed be comfortable with you asking her for a date. From what you said she seems honest about that sort of thing..

    About the difference between a date and a hanging out's honestly just about the context. A date might be more dinner and a movie instead of just the movie where it would feel like if you were just going with one of your friends.

  • It's not fair, but sometimes a girl will flirt with a guy when she's fresh out of a relationship. And she'll do it to kind of take her mind off the guy she broke up with. Either way I think she just sounds confused. She's probably having a hard time moving on from her ex, and is maybe even unsure of if she's ready to let go of that relationship. She seems confused and hurt and probably doesn't want you to have to pay for that. Best thing to do is to stay friends if you really like her, but be cautious. And don't put in more work than she does. Things need to be equal effort. That's how you'll know how serious she is. Just don't let her string you along. Good luck with everything!

  • Oh gosh! I dislike girls / guys who do that. Why start flirting and texting and even going out on a date when you are not ready to date anyone!? It is so annoying.

    I guess the difference is that dating usually ends up you two being a couple but "hanging out" doesn't. Hanging out may end in friend zone. I do have male friends with who I love to hang out but I'd never date them.

    She also may like you very much and hold you close, so as soon as she feels better and is ready to start dating again she has you.

    Maybe you should ask her if you should wait for her or should you keep on dating?

    • ask her to wait for her, or keep on dating?

      Do you mean date other people?

    • I would ask. Yeah I mean date others, since if she is not into you then what's the point waiting for someone who is not into you?

      Lots of luck!

  • Your assumptions are correct! And I'm so sorry you are going through this, you really shouldn't have to. It's not fair.

    If you really like her, then stick with it. But if not, don't waste your time. Good luck!

  • If you think she is fun and makes a good friend then yes hang out with her.

    If you are expecting anything more than friendship then don't.

    From what you say above I think she doesn't see you as more than a friend.


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