He wants me to text him but he never texts me first?

So a couple of months ago I started texting with a guy on Facebook.I like him a lot.He told me he likes me and I said I like him too.So we decided to meet up.He was really sweet.He kissed on the cheek and brought me home.Then we stopped texting.So I texted him saying that I like him but I didn't show it when we met because I was nervous and shy.Then he texted me and told me that he likes me a lot but I'm too young for him.So I texted it was ok(even if it really hurted me)So we stopped texting a fter that and a 2 weeks later he texted me again and after that I texted him once then we stopped again.And now he texted me 5 days ago and he asked me why I don't text him if he doesn't text me.I told him that I didn't want to annoy him and he said that if I annoyed him he would have told me.So a couple of days ago I texted him first and we talked for like an hour.So why does he wants me to text him always first?I mean when we are both online he doesn't textes me first so I really don't get it because if he really wants to talk to why doesn't he do it?And do you think he is still interested?


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  • 1. Work on how you organize your story telling. That was difficult to read.

    2. The fact that he asked you why you never text him first, and actually stated that you don't annoy him, means that he's being honest when he says that you don't annoy him.

    3. Us guys like for a girl to occasionally text us first because it shows that they're interested. We worry constantly if a girl really wants to talk to us, or if they're just being nice and putting up with our annoying texts. Make him text you first most of the time, but occasionally, you should initiate the conversation.

    How big is the age difference if you don't mind me asking?

    • thank you for answering.He is 16 almost 17 in a few days and I'm 14.But I look older..people think I'm 16 or something lika that..how can I make him text me first?


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  • maybe he needs to feel like you really do like him, and I agree with rthomas43

  • well he might want to see how much you like him and even if there an age difference doesn't mean he won't like you.