Why isn't he texting me first anymore?

I met a guy two weeks ago. Last week he texted everyday always him initiating text, double texting when I didn't respond within an hour or so, texting next day even if I never replied to his last text. He's really funny and always had long and great conversation thought the day. But this week he didn't initiate text. We didn't speak for 2 days, so I sent him a text to which he replied right away and the conversation was great a usual, I didn't get a cold vibe from him and he kept the conversation going asking me stuff, joking around etc... Next day I thought I would get a text from him but nothing. I'm soooo confused. Its been two days no talk, and I'm not really sure I want to initiate text again. Not sure what's up with this guy? Is he into me but wants space? Did he lose interest? Is he playing hard to get? I'm clueless.
Why isn't he texting me first anymore?
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