He wants me to meet his friends on second date?


We got along on first date and agree for second date on sun. He text me at 6:30 pm in Friday telling he is having drinks with his friend and ask if I can join.

I already made plans and also I believe it's really rude of him to ask so I said no. He kept asking if I'm busy or if I wanna catch up he would be around.

I don't think a genuine guy would do last minute invite or want you to meet his friend that early. Seems like he just wants to use me as trophy?


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  • Ehhhhh... Some guys think if they hang out with the girl and his friends together, it'll be like showing the girl he's trying to take it more casual, as a way to maybe make himself less intimidating or wanting to take slow friend-type of steps first.

    Basically imagine him thinking, "I don't want to pressure this girl or think she's getting pressured. I'll just take it slow/casual and invite her out with my friends."

    Not sure why you think it's rude either.

    • Last minute invite is just plain rude when you had the whole week to plan.

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    • well, yeah, that's the other end of the "casual" spectrum - wanting just sex lol.

    • I put him in his place and he couldn't get any. Not even kisses.

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