I look nothing like my boyfriend's ex's, is he truly attracted to me and am I what he truly wants?

I recently got the chance to see a few of my boyfriend's ex girlfriends and I notice that they look really different than I look. None of them look how I look and their lifestyles seem different than mine as well. I don't know it makes me wonder how he finds me to be attractive or how he's so attracted to me. His ex's were like emo kind of and were into piercings and tattoos. They dressed different too...I'm more of a flowerchild/hippie. I like to dress girly or laid back at times. I'm into fashion and science. And I like only a few piercing and maybe one or 2 tattoos, nothing big or covering a lot of my body. I just have been wondering lately how he could like me so much if all of his ex's had a certain look to them, a look in which I don't have. It makes me wonder if he is truly attracted to me or if I am what he truly and deeply wants.


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  • Have you consider the fact that they are his Exes, and you are not? Lol that should be enough to know the answer! You know, I have never dated a girl that is my "type" but I was still attracted to all my girlfriends... Don't be alarmed by this. He wouldn't have given you a shot in the first place if he didn't find you attractive, at least to some extent. Plus, the more you love someone the more they become attractive no matter what. My friends always give me trouble for telling them I think that my girlfriend in high school was the hottest girl in school. They always mention the same popular girls, but I fell in love with her, and I can't help how attracted to her I was...


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  • I'm sorry but you may be a rebound. I dated this girl after a break up and she was different than my type. It didn't work out the attraction quickly left after 5 months and I went back to my ex.


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  • I am nothing like my boyfriend's exes and I'm incredibly happy of that fact.

    Why would you want to fit a "type"? You're different to the other women he's been with, and that's probably a good thing (seeing as it didn't work out with them).