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Would you shower with a friend of the opposite gender?

If the situation wants it, because you both have to shower, but only have the time for one. Expect a rainy day, one of your friends has his/her... Show More

Edit: Ok, I confused myself a bit.

For the second part: Of course its not common to have the same gender in the shower you are in. Sport clubs are different from the first scenario, so just ignore this, please.

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  • I have.. but it was a really good friend, and we've seen each other naked before...

    I've also showered with my bestie before...

    • May I ask if it was, like I sayed, a situation which 'wanted' it?

      So without another possibility, or a disadvantage for not doing it?

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    • But hey, you survived!

      Would it have been better with a stranger? Because you never see him again, or something.

      Sorry for all the questions, I just want to understand stuff like this.

      There are so many people acting the same, but no one wastes a thought on the 'why' o.o

    • well, with a stranger I would have been worried about him trying to rape me.. I trust my friend, and it was nothing either of us hadn't seen before..

What Girls Said 6

  • no this is weird. I'm not showering with anyone I'm not having sex with.

    • But why is sex a requirement to see someone, or be seen naked?

  • I like showering alone

  • i have no problem showing my body. oppiste sex and same sex I don't care. if I absolutley needed a shower then yea I would I really don't care.

  • No. We could just take shorter showers. No guy would keep his boner off of your wet body if you were showering together. It's dumb to even try.

    • Yes, damn us, we are all animals.

    • Men and women are designed to have sex with each other, with men having a higher and more persistant sex drive. Why on earth would you go out of your way to get naked with someone you didn't want the possibility of sex happening?

    • If you want to talk in this way:

      There is something like a natural selection. Most animals have theire rutting times, we havent, so we need something different. We have educational and genetical 'ways' to go after sunconscious, to get the right partner(s). There isn't really a difference between men and women. Its not like everyone wants to have sex with everyone -.-

      And even I would want to, I wouldn't touch some stranger without speaking about it.

      (Sorry for my eng. if there's sth wrong)

  • Nope. Nor would I shower with another female. To me, taking a shower with someone in the same shower or bath is sexual so unless we were hooking up (meaning it would only be an opposite gender person), no.

What Guys Said 3

  • If she was my girlfriend, or wife, sure. If she is just a friend, or a stranger, no. Same sex? No way.

    • No, not a girlfriend/wife

      But do you want to say something about the 'why'?

    • It would feel awkward for me to shower with a girl who is just a friend. I could probably do it if it was an emergency, but I would not feel comfortable with another guy in the same shower. I just don't want to see naked guys around me.

  • No, I wouldn't shower with the SAME gender, if that's what you're asking. Your title is misleading.

    If it was a public shower, where there's SPACE, then that's ok.

    • The title is the main question?

      The thing with same gender is just the second part.

    • Ok, share a shower with a regular girl? No. Showering with girlfriend? Don't mind. Same gender = f*ck no.

  • i don't have a problem being naked around most anyone, I would shower with anyone at a public open shower like the health club or gym locker room, I once was in a similar situation with no time and shower with a guy in a house shower, it was close and you can't help but bump and touch, so being in a hurry supposily We did lather each other up as only one can be in front of the shower at a time, so touching and caressing can't be helped, but I don't think either of us minded, he started to get hard and I went to go down on him and quickly gaged as he still had soap on his d**k when he thrusted in my mouth, we laughed as I coughed and spit and we had to get going, , wish I had more time ha ha

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