Would you shower with a friend of the opposite gender?

If the situation wants it, because you both have to shower, but only have the time for one. Expect a rainy day, one of your friends has his/her birthday party, so you and your other friend wanted to buy a gift. While coming back to your house you got very wet, but the party starts in another hour... Show More

Edit: Ok, I confused myself a bit.

For the second part: Of course its not common to have the same gender in the shower you are in. Sport clubs are different from the first scenario, so just ignore this, please.

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  • I have.. but it was a really good friend, and we've seen each other naked before...

    I've also showered with my bestie before...

    • May I ask if it was, like I sayed, a situation which 'wanted' it?

      So without another possibility, or a disadvantage for not doing it?

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    • But hey, you survived!

      Would it have been better with a stranger? Because you never see him again, or something.

      Sorry for all the questions, I just want to understand stuff like this.

      There are so many people acting the same, but no one wastes a thought on the 'why' o.o

    • well, with a stranger I would have been worried about him trying to rape me.. I trust my friend, and it was nothing either of us hadn't seen before..