Why do I attract girls I don't like?

I'm a good looking guy. Too many women have told me that. I'm not bragging, but I know I look pretty good. So why are all the unattractive girls talking to me. I want a beautiful girl to talk to me. I see it happen to other guys all the time. Why not me?. I don't understand it.


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  • First off, you're waiting on the girls to come talk to you. That's the majority of your problem. Like the woman here said: You have to talk to them. If you want it, YOU go after it. Beautiful women know that they are beautiful so they have enough guys crawling all over them already and because of that, they don't approach anyone. They know the guys will come to them! The "unattractive" girls come to you because they see you as a good looking guy and everyone wants to be with a good looking person. Can you blame them? If you want women to come after you, you'll get the ones you deem unattractive because lets face it, beautiful women like to be chased, they don't do the chasing. They're too beautiful for that.


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  • Confidence is very attractive so be sure to show that and the girls will notice. Have you thought about YOU going up to talk to beautiful girls? Women love a man that knows what he wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. You can't just stand back and wait for them to come to you.

  • It's not commonly the girls job to approach the boy. Usually when "beautiful girls" approach other guys flirting and trying to attract them it's because usually their desperate to climb the social ladder. You should try and open conversations with girls. Don't expect them to walk up and just talk you have to put a little effort forth as well.

  • Couldn't have said it better lostandconfused. GREAT answer

  • because you are hot, get used to it. Hot women have this problem all the time, it's a fact of life. Just be glad you're not ugly & no one wants to talk to you.


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  • I know what you mean happens to all of us, its good that women are coming up to you and to tell you the truth very rarely will a perfect ten walk up to you out of the blue and start up a conversation, it can happen but not often, they want you to go to them, so go up to them and talk to them, the reason being is because women want you to talk to them not them talk to you. If your talking to the non attractive girls and spot an attractive one eying you, then she prob wants you to talk to her, make eye contact with her but don't look rude in front of the non attractive ones, and when they walk away then go up to the hot one and talk to her, or sometimes what I do is I smile at her kind of give her a wink and motion my head saying hey come over here, or you could point at her while she's looking at you and motion for her to come over, sometimes they do sometimes they don't, and if she does introduce her to all your new friends you just made, and start up the conversation.

  • Hmmmm. If, as you say, the only women who talk to you are unattractive girls, then it must be them that are telling you that you're a good looking guy. Maybe you're not that attractive. And that's why the attractive girls don't talk to you. I would have to lean in that direction seeing that attractive girls are talking to other guys all the time and not you.

    Then again, maybe it's your ego.

  • Because unattractive girls know they must be actives to catch some boy in sexual desperate mode. If you want a attractive girl, you must work, she will not ask you. The way you must do it is "art of seduction", you can be good or learn, there are some styles, and you must make your own.