Why do some women think I'm cute, but others think I'm average looking?

They need to get their eyes checked. Which ones are right?


Most Helpful Girl

  • LOL get their eyes checked, HA! you are funny (a VERY attractive quality, I might add)

    i was just speaking with one of my friends while we were out the other night at the bar. this bar is near our college campus, so we sometimes see the same crowd and will casually talk with some of them. anyways, there is this guy I have seen the past few weeks there and I think he is so hot and I leaned over to my friend and told her this, she responds 'really?!' as in she did not think so. so, this goes to show that someone will think you are hot and someone will think you are not, haha. it does not matter, really. if the person you are into thinks you are hot and vice versa, it should not bother you what others think ;) and why would you throw in the towel? who said anything about throwing in a towel? hahaha