Why do some women think I'm cute, but others think I'm average looking?

They need to get their eyes checked. Which ones are right?


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  • LOL get their eyes checked, HA! you are funny (a VERY attractive quality, I might add)

    i was just speaking with one of my friends while we were out the other night at the bar. this bar is near our college campus, so we sometimes see the same crowd and will casually talk with some of them. anyways, there is this guy I have seen the past few weeks there and I think he is so hot and I leaned over to my friend and told her this, she responds 'really?!' as in she did not think so. so, this goes to show that someone will think you are hot and someone will think you are not, haha. it does not matter, really. if the person you are into thinks you are hot and vice versa, it should not bother you what others think ;) and why would you throw in the towel? who said anything about throwing in a towel? hahaha


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  • different strokes for different folks. my girl friends all think Channing Tatum is the hottest thing on the planet, I don't think he's good looking at all. one of my guy friends is in love with Keira Knightly, but my other guy friend digs Amy Adams.

    some guys think I'm gorgeous, other guys think I'm plain; I don't take offense to it, they just have different tastes.

    why do you think all girls have to find you hot? is it not enough that some girls do? you can't please everyone.

  • Not everyone is attracted to the same thing. One of my friends may think a guy is extremely attractive while I find him extremely unattractive. Stop being stubborn, and listen to what the people answering your question are telling you is true.

    • No, I have seen enough women to know. I am either butt ugly or not. I should either give up, or not....

    • No, you do not know. You are obviously very clueless. Why did you even ask a question if you're not going to believe what people tell you?

  • look for example I was talking to friend the other day and I said something about someone and she said which one is that I said the good looking one she's like which one I say's the bald one with the glasses, and she starts laughing cos she didn't think he was nice looking at all and I was annoyed with her cos I thought he was very good looking :)

  • Some think your cute, some think your average because everyone has different tastes.

    • What the heck, women make no sense. You are either butt ugly to them, or you are cute. I need to know if I should throw in the towel or not.....

  • all women have different opinions...


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  • Women's attraction to men is VERY preference based.

    Where as men's attraction to men is based on a more general concept of beauty.

    That's why women can look at a girl and say "oh, she's pretty."

    But men have a harder time judging other men, and usually have to base it off of what they think women will find attractive.

  • 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'

    • That's not true. :O

    • What I mean is that people see different things in people, some people might look at you and see you for your personality, others may look at you and think "wow he is hot!" and others might like your muscles. It is all about individual preference.

    • It is true - one man's weed is another man's rose :)