Do guys only like when girls show cleavage or wear tight clothes?

do guys only like when girls show cleavage or wear tight clothes? I usually don't wear anything that's too tight or shows a lot because I don't think a girl should have to show herself that way just to get a guy..but any way. what do you think?


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  • Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

    Unless your only goal is to tease guys and get them to look at you, or you're trying to blend in with all the other girls who do that...

    You might catch some guys attention that way, but that doesn't mean you'll keep it. Your mentality shouldn't be "playing a numbers game"...or just trying to get as many guys as possible to indiscriminately look at you.

    If a girl is naturally beautiful to a guy, it really doesn't matter what she wears.'re more likely to turn some guys off who will think you're slutty or superficial, but otherwise find you attractive.

    Beauty = genes + diet + lifestyle + eye of beholder. Multiply by personality.

    Better to err on the side of dressing conservative.

    How you dress is one way you express your personality, so if you wear clothes just because you think that's what someone else wants, you're kinda lying about yourself. That never ends well.

    If you really are concerned about attracting guys, try wearing primary colors like red, black, etc.

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      I love your simple formula for beauty. :) I think I'm going to use that!!