Do guys only like when girls show cleavage or wear tight clothes?

do guys only like when girls show cleavage or wear tight clothes? I usually don't wear anything that's too tight or shows a lot because I don't think a girl should have to show herself that way just to get a guy..but any way. what do you think?


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  • Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

    Unless your only goal is to tease guys and get them to look at you, or you're trying to blend in with all the other girls who do that...

    You might catch some guys attention that way, but that doesn't mean you'll keep it. Your mentality shouldn't be "playing a numbers game"...or just trying to get as many guys as possible to indiscriminately look at you.

    If a girl is naturally beautiful to a guy, it really doesn't matter what she wears.'re more likely to turn some guys off who will think you're slutty or superficial, but otherwise find you attractive.

    Beauty = genes + diet + lifestyle + eye of beholder. Multiply by personality.

    Better to err on the side of dressing conservative.

    How you dress is one way you express your personality, so if you wear clothes just because you think that's what someone else wants, you're kinda lying about yourself. That never ends well.

    If you really are concerned about attracting guys, try wearing primary colors like red, black, etc.


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  • No, I don't care if a girl wears tight clothes or not. Sure it can be sexy (on some, not all), but its all good as long as it fits. Baggy clothes are bad, and everyone.

    It looks sloppy, unkept, and dirty. Keep those for the sick day stuck in front of the TV.

  • I am of the opinion that girls who show cleavage WANT guys to look at their boobs. If you girls don't want a guy to look down at your boobs, then don't wear cleavage! In a grocery store I saw this girl sporting her lovely boobs by wearing a very low cut and open top. Not only was it a sweet site looking down that top at those big boobs but she included something extra to see! She had tat planted between her boobs. The only way to see it was to look at her boobs. Normal guys love to see lovely boobs wiggle and jiggle. Again, if you don't want guys looking at your boobs, then don't wear tight or open front tops. Then, again, you will become mostly invisible while standing next to your busty friend who is showing off her boobs with a tight top or a low cut open top.

  • Just wear the clothes that you feel good in and reflect your attitude to what appearances you like.

    Guys like to show their girl friends off, so be as attractive as you can but don't flaunt yourself in front of other guys. He won't like that.

    My views are that if a girl has a nice bust, for example, she should wear clothes that show it off but do not make her look like a tart (unless that is what she wants to be) If she has nice hair, arrange it to show it off at its best. If she has nice shapely legs, show them off by wearing flattering dresses and skirts. And so we can go on in great detail but I am sure you understand.

    Just be confident and self assured and dress and look as nice as possible when in social situations and at other times.

    Personally, I just love beauty in women and I like women to make the most of themselves at all times. After all, as the years slip by, it may not be possible to wear the same look as when you were young. Take advantage of the present and "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may." as the old saying is.

  • A girl who looks good and carries herself well will attract attention regardless of how she dresses. The question is what KIND of attention will she be attracting? Tight clothes, cleavage, all that, sure, it'll get you attention...

    ...from guys who only want sex.

    But dressing classier or more casually/comfortable will be ore prone to getting attention from guys who want you for more honorable reasons.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU 100% :D good answer. ( LISTEN TO THIS GUY ) why lower your standards just to make guys look at you? The important thing is that you KNOW your beautiful and that's all that matters.

  • No. I think girls look good in hoodies and sweatpants, too.

  • I personally don't like it - and that's because its distracting. Once I see cleavage my eyes just kinda glue on and I get caught. It sucks but I can't help that. I wish I could look at it like I look at the sun - just take a quick glance, get a good idea of what it looks like, then look away

  • Sure guys like it. Should you do it just for that reason? I'd so no, absolutely not. Dress how you are comfortable. That way when you attract someone it isn't "just because you look hot half naked". God forbid someone actually gets to know you before starting a relationship.

  • I like a lot of stuff on girls. I like the tight stuff best like leggings etc. But I also like women in pant suits a lot. The only thing I don't like is dresses and anything slouchy like jeans and tee shirts

    that stuff is ugly and boring.

  • Sometimes it is attractive but there is a line where it just gets slutty and makes the girl look like she is trying to get attention from every guy that walks by. Attention whores not welcome here.

  • A girl who dresses in skimpy clothing is likely to attract a guy with her body, not her personality. As such, there's likely to be little commitment with any guy she DOES attract. If you're looking to actually keep a guy, he should be interested in you, not your t*ts.

    However, a girl who is willing to show off her body means that she's proud of it. Positive self image is a very good feature to have. Dating a girl with poor self image gets annoying fast, because she's probably crash dieting and requires you to reaffirm that you like her about every 20 minutes. It's hard to like you for who you are if you can't even like yourself.

    In short, flaunting your cleavage is good for getting a fling, but being comfortable with your appearance is very important regardless.

    • Exactly. Don't dress in a manner that's gunna b all t*ts and ass for the eye because obviously guys will become attracted for the wrong reasons. But do NOT dress up with no-show at all because you might come off with the image of being stuck up. Just work with what you got as long as its respectable to yourself and others. To sum it up into one word = Class

  • i like good girls

  • Well, I am a boy, and I like those girls who wear a tight pant with a tight belt. This makes me feel sexy. I too wear my pant with a tight belt.

  • i don't like it. it only degrades the girl. It's possible to be attractive and sexy in many ways besides wearing clothes that have all your curves falling out.

  • don't like it. it only degrades the girl and gets the guy stuck and distracted on appearances and not not on the woman herself...

  • It's just how it is these days. A guy honestly can't be interested without being interested physically at all. So just showing what there is sometimes isn't a bad thing.


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  • i don't like showing too much cleavage or legs but I like to show some skin. at work, I get attention still maybe because I am the only one who wears professional clothes still having that sexy business look. outside I get a little wild but still not looking trashy... :) tight? how tight? as long as the tires are not showing and you can still breathe, girl it's your call.

  • slutty clothing calls for douchebag boys who want sex

    normal clothing that covers you up fine and doesn't show much calls for guys to get to know you better for you and not your body.

  • Every guy is different. Some guys like revealing clothing, and some guys prefer a more modest girl. It's possible to be attractive and sexy in many ways besides wearing clothes that have all your curves falling out.

    I try to dress in a way that I think is comfortable to ME, yet stylish. I don't want guys that are only after my body. For example: most guys love thongs, but I don't find them comfy at all, so I only wear them if I have a boyfriend, and only if he asks.

  • Never change the way you are because you think it's what guys want! Have you ever heard that thing about leaving something to the imagination? You don't have to dress like an off-duty stripper to get a man. If you do he will think of you as a play thing and not take you seriously. You need to read the book "Why men love Bitches" by Sherry Argov. I am over 40 and had been in terrible relationships and I have tried everything to get Mr. Right always failing. Always becoming a doormat, while noticing that all my friend's that where borderline-mean to their boyfriends had them eating out of their hands & coming back for more! Be yourself, and don't be less than you really are and one day you will find someone who will treasure you!

  • Dont change your look. Yeah sure you'll get a guy for all the wrong reasons though.

  • I think you don't have to wear anything that is tight or shows. Be you self one day one guy who really like you will come and ask you out.

  • dont dress like a slut to get a guys attention because the guys attention that you are getting won't be worth having a relationship with, a guy that's worth having a relationship with will love you no matter what you are wearing and tell you you're beautiful either way, I'm a little bit on the heavy side and once I woke up really late and had to go to school and my boyfriend told me I was beautiful anyway because he doesn't care, that's the kind of guy that you want, not the guys who just want you for your body

  • my boo loves it

  • a girl that routinely dresses overtly provocative isn't a girl most guys take home to mom. they might find her sexy but they notice that she comes off desperate and cheap