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Difference between "Beautiful" and "Gorgeous"?

Is there a difference between calling someone beautiful and calling them gorgeous? To you, what do the words mean?

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  • For me:Gorgeous: A way of telling a girl she looks good (facial appearance, well dressed, etc) usually a way of telling a girl she's more than pretty or cute.Beautiful: Used to describe all attributes of a girl like personalty along with looks. Usually used when commenting on someone a guy likes. Ex: If a guy calls some one beautiful when she's wearing sweatpants with her hair tied up with no make up on it usually that's he's think she's wonderful on the inside out.P.S. I would call someone I didn't like gorgeous, but if they were my girlfriend Id probably call them beautiful.

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  • To me, I feel it's in the moment. Beautiful seems to be a lesser word for gorgeous, as if it were better. To me they are just words. I love getting called those words, it does make me feel pleased/flattered, sometimes blush. But the moment is what really implies the words. It could be either loving, sexy, or both:)

  • I don't really see a difference. I guess people use gorgeous when they're tired of beautiful

  • Beautiful christina aguileraGorgeous Brittney Spears

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