What kinds of clothes do girls like guys to wear? and shoes too?

I don't want vague things like a t-shirt because there are a lot of different types of t-shirts. Be as specific as possible.


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    those type of shirts I think they are called waffle crew necks? but if you wear them a bit loose and with jeans then it is def the most attractive outfit if you have the right body for it. the guy I like wears this shirt with jeans and a gold chain around his neck and its so attractive like all the girls at the party were staring at him the whole night.

    the plaid look is cute on a lot of guys with a plain white T under the plaid with jeans. or black jeans.

    remember never wear grey with kakhi or bright green with light blue.

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      What types of colognes do you like.

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      actually I think my friends boyfriend has that one and it smells really goood.

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      That is one of my favs.