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Visible stocking tops and or garters?

What are your views on having your stocking tops and/or garter straps showing? Is it a big deal?

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  • I love the look of them and I think it's totally fine. I do it myself sometimes. Just keep it situation appropriate. =]

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  • You mean in public or as part of home recreation?

    • Public. As far as home recreation, anything goes lol.

    • Seems rather risqu? for public. Wow, will you get attention!

  • Amazingly sexy, but if it's in public, pretty trampy generally.

  • OMG! That is so hot!

  • Its intense, its a good thing.

  • it is godly sexy

    • i have a fetish for stocking though so maybe not the best person to ask :p

  • it can be cute/hot but really all it is, is showing that you haven't shaved. unless you wear nude/sheer. guess it just depends really

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