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Why do some guys like chubby girls?

I have noticed that I see a lot of guys with chubby to overweight girls and notice that these are the kinds of girls they tend to go for or look at.... Show More

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  • Girls who are thin are generally worse in bed than girls who are a little chubby. Unathletic thin girls have less muscle mass, so less PC muscles, and actually have looser vaginas on average. They also have smaller, saggier boobs, and for girls who are really thin, it's painful to f*** them doggystyle because they have no ass so you're banging your crotch into their pelvis.

    Chubby girls are usually more realistic, more appreciative (both sexually and emotionally), more trustworthy, and don't buy into the more anti-male feminist bullsh*t because they don't benefit as much from female privilege.

    And this is chubby, not fat. Girls who have a big enough gut that it folds over are another story entirely.

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  • If you don't judge girls by weight, they're *exactly* as good as any other girl.

    • never said they weren't

    • I didn't mean you specifically; I don't like the "If one doesn't judge..." construction, sounds snooty to me.

    • i disagree skinnier girls usually (not always) but usually have snottier attatudes

  • They're usually a lot of fun, aren't very body conscious, don't count their calories all the time, never order a salad and then eat from your plate, can name 5 favorite cheeses, and don't spend every free hour at the gym.

    And that's just for starters.

    • i'm not talking about personality though, I'm talking about the physical stuff. there are a lot of girls who are slim who have the same attitude and a lot of girls who are a bit on the chubby side and hate themselves

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    • What can I say? I know what I like... :)

    • five cheeses LMAO...

  • I don't find chubby girls attractive at all (physically) but, from what I've noticed, they definitely have the best personalities. Granted there are thin girls with amazing personalities and chubby girls with the worst. It's a matter of preference. Some guy just like heavier-set girls.


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    • For the Alliance! :]

  • For one thing it's more exciting. More erotic. More attractive.

    When I see my wife I love what I see. Sometimes she threatens to lose weight.

    I'm glad she's only bluffing.

  • I find they are nicer, kinder, prettier, and have better features, like ass, boobs, legs.

  • lucky you, right?

    • you're assuming because I asked the question that I'm chubby?

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    • no problem

    • LOL

  • No detailed answer here. Just find them physically more attractive. If I can see a girl's ribs, it's a HUGE turn off. If a girl's thighs DON'T touch, also a huge turn off.

  • bcoz chubby girls was lovely and preety more than smart and thin girls..

  • This scale was created from my opinion and the opinions I've gathered from my other male friends over the years. The stars represent the attractiveness of the girl. Now obviously the voluptuous side of the force has more perks as discussed above which is why more guys will approach a thicker girl over a skinny one, but go to far down that dark side and the stars disappear because few men will brave dating Jaba. All star wars references aside the truth is there is someone out there for everyone even if they take a little more time to find. Every single option on the list below is the ideal perfect woman for some guy out there regardless of the number of stars, no ones preference's are the same. Although I do recommend keeping a healthy life style so you can live a fuller life, this doesn't mean you have to aspire to be the girl with the most stars on this list. Be comfortable in your own skin and happy with yourself and I guarantee a guy will come along who will think you're the center of the universe.

    thin average****
    In shape*******
    Really takes care of her body, squats galore, very toned **********
    runs but she's thick********
    obese *
    My 600lb life

  • I just recently realized I prefer chubby girls after my wife gained 55 lbs due to medication. She, in the past, was actually a model (5'8, 105lbs). Before her, I'd slept with about 80 women and not a single one would be considered even slightly overweight.

    Dear god though, since she's gained the weight, the sex is so damn amazing! I can't describe with words how good it is... that's why I'm now into chubbies; plus it looks a lot better naked than I thought it would...

  • No accounting for taste. I like chubby girls. Hell, I like fat girls. Girls I can f***ing sit on. And she'll say 'Where'd he go?'. I drool over girls like that, hahaha. Seriously. But, I dunno, it seems so much more sexual to me, than what I find appealing in slimmer girls. Slimmer girls look more artistic, you know? Whereas bigger girls look more sexy. I dunno...

    I like them because I can really sink into them, I suppose. All different kinds of places to touch and get into, its really hot. I could enjoy touching a big girl for hours. =]

  • Chubby women tend to make better lovers, in my opinion. They are wetter when aroused, appreciate guys who show them attention and affection, sex isn't painful (we don't bang pelvis bones), and they have great features (ass, breasts, thighs, etc.).

    They usually don't obsess about their size since it is partly genetics is why they will always be big girls.

  • "because they know 'Im definatelly going to go home and jerk off . . . and she's gotta be better than that' "

    "Whats she thinking is: 'Well, fellas! . . . its not the best ride . . . but there's no line!"

    ~ Joe Rogan (comedian)

    i think those two quotes explains most of it really . . .

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  • If we're talking purely physicality, my boyfriend says that he just likes the softer feel of a girl with a bit more meat [both fat AND muscle] on them. He likes the hips/ass/breasts/thighs. I'm actually quite a bit smaller and shorter with less pronounced curves than the girls he normally goes for, and I'm not a small girl by any means. I'm 5'6" and wear a size 12/14. I'm chubby by my own and most peoples' standards, and he says I'm tiny. =P Sometimes I feel self-conscious because I don't have a DD bra size, or more fat on my hips/outer thighs [the only part of my body that's literally almost bony] because I feel less feminine not having the kind of curves I've always admired [mainly the hips], and that I know my dude also appreciates. But I know he likes what I have, and he makes sure I know he thinks I'm beautiful and sexy. It's more my own paranoia, lol, because he makes it very clear how attractive he thinks I am.

  • I'm what you considered chubby and I've never had a guy say he didn't like my body.

    I've actually had more looks when I'm a bit chubby then when I was starving myself.

    Guys like curves!

    Guys also like thin women, and some men even like very heavy women.

    It's personal preference.

    • i know girls are their own worst enemy when it comes to body issues and good for you :)

  • you may as well ask, why do guys like girls? what's the difference, if they like the girl they're not immediately turned off by chubby or skinny. or it could be because they want something soft to bounce off while they're f***ing.

    • i just know that some people prefer curvier girls.

  • I'm confused though... How big is the difference between fat and chubby? I don't mean obesity fat. But you guys mean like fat enough for a truffle shuffle? Or chubby as in you just barely got chub? What exactly places a girl in the chub or the fat category?

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