Why do some guys like chubby girls?

I have noticed that I see a lot of guys with chubby to overweight girls and notice that these are the kinds of girls they tend to go for or look at. Is there any particular reason (mainly based on physical attraction)?

ps: in no way am I saying chubby girls aren't worthy or anything I'm just interested, you don't have to be a stick to be beautiful.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls who are thin are generally worse in bed than girls who are a little chubby. Unathletic thin girls have less muscle mass, so less PC muscles, and actually have looser vaginas on average. They also have smaller, saggier boobs, and for girls who are really thin, it's painful to f*** them doggystyle because they have no ass so you're banging your crotch into their pelvis.

    Chubby girls are usually more realistic, more appreciative (both sexually and emotionally), more trustworthy, and don't buy into the more anti-male feminist bullsh*t because they don't benefit as much from female privilege.

    And this is chubby, not fat. Girls who have a big enough gut that it folds over are another story entirely.