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Do girls like guys with a big butt?

Im an average weight male 135lbs, and 5'7 tall, but I have a butt that can't go unnoticed . I get self-conscious about it and I always wear my bag... Show More

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  • i hate black people...cause even the men have a better ass than me! :( lol do you have an example butt? give us a pic,maybe it's not even that big,and even if it is,you're a bisexual girls dream-a girls ass and a penis!

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  • No

  • YEAH that's HOT[;

  • I love a big bubble butt. Thick lips and a bubble butt are two of my favorite man features. You should feel lucky, some guys, no matter how in shape, just have no butt. They have that Hank Hill butt haha

  • i love guys with a little something back there its not just a guy thing we like it too. maybe not all girls but all the girls I know don't think that a flat butt is flattering ..if you got it flaunt it :)

  • Thats one of the first things I notice on a guy! I love guys with butts! your good

  • bubble butt boy <3I love it

  • after I check out the guys eyes, I check out the butt, lol. I think its cute when there's something there :). Plus your cute so girls who dnt like it will probably still like you any ways. Personality matters a lot too.

  • If it's absolutely huge, sometimes it creeps me out. But that's usually if the person's just overweight. And you don't seem to have that problem, so it's all good. :) Actually, you look really cute, so don't worry about it at all. haha. :D

  • lol. love guys with a cute butt

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