What does it mean when a girl holds eye contact?

Sometimes if I'm passing a girl in the hallway in a public place like the mall, I make & hold eye contact to see if she might be interested. Though, what does it mean if a girl holds eye contact or looks longer than normal? Like sometimes girls might hold the eye contact or repeatedly look away then look back.


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  • They are either interested or trying to figure out what you are staring at haha. I usually do that if I think a guy is cute and I'm feeling flirtatious ha ha buuuut last night I ran in the store and this guy kept staring..like creepy status...I couldn't figure out why, but I caught his eyes several times so he knew I saw him, but looked away because he gave me the heebie geebies


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  • probaly means she likes you :')

  • They're both different ways of showing interest. The girl who steadily holds your gaze is probably the more confident type, and the one who looks away and back again (especially if she looks down in between) is more shy usually. I get it all wrong, I get nervous and look away completely. Then when I look back they're just a shape in the distance. *sigh*

  • Well it could mean that she noticed your interest and wants to know if your still looking at her or it could mean that she is interested as well. However be careful because staring at someone can come across as creepy and you may just be making them feel uncomfortable. You should make eye contact and smile, then look at something else, then make eye contact again. Do not stare. Instead of just making eye contact with girls try talking to them that will get you a lot farther.

    • Yeah ha ha maybe I should clarify. I might look, catch eye contact, look away briefly, then look back. It's not like I'm looking constantly.

  • If you lock eyes then it means she thinks you are attractive and might be interested. Notice the "might" part because sometimes they come with attachments, it's normal for them to still look and notice though.

    • Thanks for answering :) ?I'm curious what you mean by "coming with attachments". What do you mean? And if this happens and she's standing around waiting for someone, as a girl, would you want me to come talk to you or is that just creepy?

    • She might have a boyfriend or something like that. I don't think it would be creepy at all, it would probably make me nervous but I would be very flattered :). Just make sure to smile at her in a flirtatious way and if she does the same smile to you then you're good to go up to her.

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