When a girl leaves you for someone else...

How do you get over it? How do you gain your confidence back? I'm crushed and my confidence is now non-existent. I don't know what to do.


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  • "You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the f*** on"

    One of my favorite quotes and it helped me a lot, I've read it over and over to remind myself that its completely true. You can't control what opther people do to you, the only thing that's in your control is what you make of it, and of yourself.

    I know what your feeling because it happened to me 8 months ago, and I will te you its hard for a little while, but it gets easier and easier with every day that passes. You have your good days, you have your bad days, but if you push on and regain your self worth and self confidence, you will be in a better place months from now then when you were with her.

    • It's a very good comment :) i think in the same way with you, but this is a very very bad thing really... :/

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  • i think you need to quit worrying about who she left you for and worry about why she left. there had to be something wrong in the relationship unless she's someone whos not worth worrying about anyway. everyone has relationships that fail, that doesn't make them any less of a person they were before things fell through. you're the same person you were but wiser, more experienced and more prepared for the next relationship.

  • go out with a couple of your friends to a bar and just have a good time. I can gareentee one or more girls will be eyeing you in the bar.

    just have fun with te guys and don't worry about girls till your ready. What she did to you is horrible but you have to get back on the horse.

    good luck

  • Just know that you are an awesome guy and deserve sooo much better. I can't stand a girl that treats a guy like a doormat.

    - B

  • Ive had this happen so many times.Honestly,you just have to let the pain pass..Theres not a lot you can do to make it go away.Just get on with your life,go out,have a good time,and forget about this chick.It gets better I promise

  • Go out with your friends and catch up, remind yourself that thinking about her is a waste of your time (even if you still have feelings for her) don't let her know how bad it has/hasnt effected you , keep your calm and focus on your friends and the good times you and ur buds have had together , she must not have felt about you the same way you felt about her , but that's ok because it just means theirs a better girl out their just waiting for you to sweep her off her feet

    im sorry its hitting you so hard , but you have to fight it and keep your head held high :]


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  • There are many reasons why a particular girl might leave one particular man for another.

    But you can not base your self confidence on the behavior of any one person. It does not mean that the other guy is a better man. All it means is that she wants what he is offering. It also means that she was not right for you, even though right now you can not see it.

  • Remember that it's not how many times we fall, but how we get back up. Learning to roll with the punches is one of life's greatest lessons. Remember that before you meet a girl just for you, your going to probably also meet a lot of awful ones.

  • There is nothing you can do. Trust me I tried everything. All you can do is Love the time you had with that person and move on. It's not easy to do but you have no choice. My girl left me 2 years ago and I am still somewhat in love with her. So I understand what you are saying! Find your true friends and spend as much time with them. There is a song you should listen to by Garth Brooks. Unanswered prayers! In time you will find the one girl that will take you to a whole new level and you will one day laugh at this situation!

  • great love it