10 Questions for all shy girls ( please answer )?

1. why are shy girls standoffish towards the guy they like and if the guy can do anything what is it?

2. If your best friend were to hit on your crush in front of you but you did not tell her you like him what would you do?

3. If your crush gave you gifts how would you react to that in front of him and when you are at home?

4. If your crush tries to get closer to you what do you do?

5. what does it mean when you show all signs of shy girls liking a guy and then you stop and now you only stare, run away but sometimes you will do nice things for him?

6. Is it a big sign that you like a guy if you talk to everybody else but him ( your crush ) even talking to the ugly guys and I'm talking about Beavis and butthead ugly?

7. When you can do you try to listen to his every word?

8. What does it mean when you only talk to him if he starts the conversation?

9. What does it mean when he complimented you one time and you blushed?

10. What does it mean when he starts to talk to you and then you will say I will be right back and you never come back because you started a conversation with someone else and you look at him when he leaves and you give him this I'm sorry look? And when he is doing anything you sprint out of the room?
10 Questions for all shy girls ( please answer )?
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