What is the best day of the week to ask a girl out?

If you ask on Friday does it come off last minute? Does Monday seem too eager? The girl I want to ask I can only see on M, W, and F Or is it... Show More

  • Vote A Monday, why wait?
  • Vote B Tuesday, She's already starting to think about the weekend.
  • Vote C Wednesday, Give her a chance to shop/diet for the big night.
  • Vote D Thursday, standard 24 hour notice.
  • Vote E Friday, she won't even now if she's free till the day of.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Get her number and ask her what she thinks about going out this weekend. Don't say "hang out" say "go out". She will prob say "yes" considering you are right there lol but follow up with a call the next day. Ask her on Mon in person she can think about it. Then ask her wed. If she is still interested. Personally the longer time I have to prepare the better. I don't think monday is too eager at all. I think it shows respect. I would give the guy a two thumbs up. I hate last min. Guys. I don't do that.

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    • Great feedback, Thank You.

    • You are welcome! Good luck!