What is the best day of the week to ask a girl out?

If you ask on Friday does it come off last minute? Does Monday seem too eager? The girl I want to ask I can only see on M, W, and F

Or is it better off to ask for their number first, then ask them out by calling? In which case any day of the week would be open to asking.

Ladies, what do you think? When is the best day to offer a date?

  • Monday, why wait?
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  • Tuesday, She's already starting to think about the weekend.
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  • Wednesday, Give her a chance to shop/diet for the big night.
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  • Thursday, standard 24 hour notice.
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  • Friday, she won't even now if she's free till the day of.
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  • Get her number and ask her what she thinks about going out this weekend. Don't say "hang out" say "go out". She will prob say "yes" considering you are right there lol but follow up with a call the next day. Ask her on Mon in person she can think about it. Then ask her wed. If she is still interested. Personally the longer time I have to prepare the better. I don't think monday is too eager at all. I think it shows respect. I would give the guy a two thumbs up. I hate last min. Guys. I don't do that.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I think you should give her a few days to figure out what she is going to wear, especially if she is pretty busy. It also helps build up some expectation. :) I think you're more likely to get a 'yes' if she has time to prepare properly too, since I would probably be caught off guard if I was asked to go out the same day you did the asking. It does come off as last minute, like you just sort of decided to do it on the spur of the moment. Making plans super far ahead would come off as a little odd to me if it was just a standard dinner out, but it would make sense if you were asking her to a concert or something that requires tickets or reservations. You can ask for her number first if you want, but a face-to-face is always more personal. If you are really nervous, go for the phone call though. Friday is probably the best day since she is less likely to have something huge going on the next day and you can stay out later if you two want (if she doesn't have something Saturday).

    • Right on, thank you for the inside scoop =]

  • I would go with Wednesday. She is less likely to have plans for the weekend. Then get her number and tell her you'll call her on Friday to finalize pickup time, etc.

    If you see her on Friday too, a simple 'are we still on for tonight?' works.

    • Awesome advise, I'm gonna use part of that

  • You should give her at least a 2 day notice. Guys who ask you out on a Friday are rude and usually assholes.

    • Makes sense in my book - Thank You

  • Wednesday is the best. It doesn't appear desperate and lets her know that you would like to make with her ahead of your friends, and shows that you are courteous enough to ask ahead so she can plan. It is not so far ahead to look anxious but, allows you to ask before any other guys do.

    • Thank You for the advise, a little follow-up here:

      This girl gets asked out every day - she does flirt strongly with me and follows me while I talk, which I think gives me the edge - also, I think she can tell I actually like HER, and not just her bod.

    • How do you know she gets asked out everyday? Bc she is pretty? Don't assume that Mr. :) A lot of guys think that and the girl may not be asked out. Well its good you like her for the right reasons.

    • Oh I see it, she just looks away from them, nods, looks for exits, and walks very fast. With me she walks slow and follows my lead - and gives me lots of eye contact and I can see the longing and sometime frisky look in her face when she does it.

  • I'd have to say Wednesday, it's right in the middle and it might be good luck lol after all it is called hump day! =-)

  • Ask on Wednesday or Thursday

    • Sounds like Wednesday is a good day to shoot for an initial yes or no answer - Thanks for confirming

What Guys Said 2

  • diet?

  • Sometimes it's better to give the girl some notice so she can clear her schedule. Also, that way she can check to see what day would be better for her.