What does it mean when a guy touches you all over!

I have this friend and I really like him. the other night we where watching a movie and he was rubbing the in side on my thy. then we went to bed and we where cuddling really tight and even now and then he would thrust agent me!

our foreheads & nose were touching and he kept trying to kiss me.

then he was feeling me up at the same time,

and tickling my belly. Then I kissed him goodnight and he put his hands down my pants and rubbed me a couple of times.

Then we just healed hands for a bit.

DO YOU THINK HE LIKES ME? :| I'm so confused on what to do with me and him.


Thanks everyone, I no I shouldn't have but I liked him so much.

I'm going to stop, and I'm talking to him tonight about it!

I'm saying I'm not doing it anymore unless he actual likes me.

thank you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Why are you sleeping in the same bed with a guy who is not your boyfriend? I don't really get the question? What it means is he is horny and he is rubbing and touching you because he wants sex. Does he like you? He obviously has some level of sexual attraction to you but that doesn't mean he wants anything else. In fact, now that he has been able to do this, he may well not have any vision of being with you other than to touch you and try for sex.

    Stop with the sleepovers. In fact, I would stop having him over at all. The whole cuddling and rubbing thing is crazy to have with a guy who you don't even know enough to figure out if the likes you or not.