Why do men always want what they can't have?

I have friends that are mostly men, we hang out playing pool, downing a few beers & joking around. At first, things go really good and it's comfortable being around them then all of a sudden things have changed and they start that flirting stuff. I don't dress sexy and never show any interest other... Show More

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  • I have a lot of guy friends because I get on with guys better...and I know how frustrating it is when this happens.

    I can only guess its a mixture of being a "challenge", getting to know you well,in a natural way without all the b.s and games dating can bring,and decideing they like you,and being close to you as a friend...there is no relationship polititcs and you are just chilled.

    Its easy-going and natural...obviously must an attraction there to.

    It brings up that old question can a man and a woman ever be just friends? Yes I think so,but you are bound to get exceptions.

    It sucks doesn't it,especially when you think of them like a big brother or something...not cool.

    • You totally get it, thank you!