My boyfriend is too busy for me.

My boyfriend way to busy for me, I haven't seen him in 2 MONTHS! and it's hurting me, I always ask when are you going to come see me, and he's like I gotta see...

i mean I know he's busy with him job (he works 9-5) then he has church like 4 day's out of a week, but why can't he be busy with me too and every time he promise to come see me, he doesn't.

I even told him I didn't believe he was going to come see me, and he tells me to shut up, because he knows I'm telling the truth, he's always saying he loves me and that he is sorry and that he has to make it up to me, he call's me to check up on me but I rather see him =/ I love my bf, but what's the point in a relationship if I can't see him, ah I'm so annoyed I want to cry hell I did cry...what should I do?


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  • If you really love him, then you'll be willing to wait.

    Otherwise, if you're not willing to wait and go without seeing him for a while, then you don't really love him.

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      I do love him, so I am going to wait to see him...even if I am sad about the whole thing, but I do understand that he is busy.