She texts me and acts interested? Then a day later she ignores me. I don't get it.

The other day I met a really cute girl and gave her my number.

Later in the day she texted me and we ended up talking for a few hours and I could definitely sense that she was interested (which is strange considering I am bad at reading these signs).

Yesterday I texted her and she never got back to me. I didn't want to be annoying or anything so I didn't text her again.

I did, however, call her and her phone was off cause it went straight to voice mail. so I'm thinking "OK...well she never got my text."

Anyway, I called her earlier today and it rang a few times before I got her voice mail (we planned on hanging out today).

Since her phone was on now I figure I'd leave a voicemail.

I haven't heard back from her.

I don't understand it: why do you text a guy one day and then just go missing in action the next day? I didn't have her number in the first place so it was her choice to speak with me.

I'm just a bit confused.

Right now I'm not gonna call or text cause I don't want to be annoying, but I'm not sure what's up.

Any ideas?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, first, girls are insane. Period. They enjoy doing these little games...evil...

    Second, as a girl who doesn't want all the other girls here attacking me, I can say that she probably doesn't know what she wants yet, or she just tries to play it hard to get.

    Don't call her again and wait for her to reach out for you. If she doesn't in the next 2-3 days, know that she's not serious and even if she does call, just let it go...she's going to play like that all the time. If she does call, just try to ignore what happened and set a date :)