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She texts me and acts interested? Then a day later she ignores me. I don't get it.

The other day I met a really cute girl and gave her my number. Later in the day she texted me and we ended up talking for a few hours and I could... Show More

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  • Well, first, girls are insane. Period. They enjoy doing these little games...evil...Second, as a girl who doesn't want all the other girls here attacking me, I can say that she probably doesn't know what she wants yet, or she just tries to play it hard to get.Don't call her again and wait for her to reach out for you. If she doesn't in the next 2-3 days, know that she's not serious and even if she does call, just let it go...she's going to play like that all the time. If she does call, just try to ignore what happened and set a date :)

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  • it sounds like she is busy...give her a little more time and if she comes back then that's a good sign. just be patient...and with her acting interested she also could be trying to be nice even if you do get the signals that she IS flirting with out a doubt. don't stress too much about it

    • But ... I gave her my number...it was her choice to contact me.she didn't have to text me.she would probably never see me again/talk to me if she didn't contact me.that's kind of why I'm confused.why does she contact me...if she is just trying to be nice about the whole thing?

  • shes probably ignoring you because people tell girls that if you ignore a guy he'll like you more. Either that, or she doesn't want you to think she's desperate since she's the one who asked for your number. Dont call/text her until she gets back to you. let her know that you were kind of annoyed that she blew you off, but don't come off strong or she'll prob act like she didn't do anything wrong and that your over reacting.watch out for this girl, depending on her reason for not answering the phone, she could be into playing games

    • How can I like someone more if they ignore me?that's weird.

    • Haha I know, but that's what the magazines try to tell us. I always ignored it because it makes no since to me

  • well, its possible she planned somethign else with friends and didn't want to tell you to your face she's blowing you off so just ingnores you and goes on with her plans cause she would feel bad saying it to your face and its also possible she's playing hard to get or having problems with her phone, tryign talking to her in person and asking how her weekend was and stuff

    • Playing hard to get by ignoring me?that doesn't make me want to like someone more.it just makes me upset and mad.

  • maybe she found someone else. yeah its bitchy but you don't need that.

  • she is either one of those girls who flirts with everybody, I hate girls like that. or its her way of saying okay it was just a one time thing, or leave me alone. it could be deeper. her phone could be dead, lost or broken.

  • I don`t really know. You never know what other people are thinking unless they tell you. Maybe she just got super busy for a little while- after all, this only spans over a few days. She might call you in two seconds, for all we know. I never text, so maybe I don`t know the protocol. But I think you should wait a few more days before jumping to conclusions.Maybe just try texting once a day or once every couple of days, just hi, and see what happens. Then if after a few days she still doesn`t respond, I would assume that she isn`t interested. But, still, you never know what is going on with other people.

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