Ask my friend to give me her number?

i met a girl who is one of my friends friend, talked to her for a while and felt a connection, but I didn't think of asking her number.

So is it weird to ask my friend to give me her number because I'm not sure when I will meet this girl again.

Girls what do you think about that? If I eventually get her number what should I say? tips appreciated


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, I'd think it would be really sweet if a guy took enough interest and made the effort to get my number like that, so I think you should go for it! Keep in mind that your mutual friend might tell her that you took an interest (especially if the mutual friend is a girl) but that's not a bad thing! As for what to say, you could just tell her you had fun last time you were together but forgot to ask her for her number so you had to get it from your friend, but you'd love to hang out again sometime. Maybe invite her to another event that you know the mutual friend will be at as well (so she has another reason/excuse to go and would know someone else there). Best of luck!