Ask my friend to give me her number?

i met a girl who is one of my friends friend, talked to her for a while and felt a connection, but I didn't think of asking her number.

So is it weird to ask my friend to give me her number because I'm not sure when I will meet this girl again.

Girls what do you think about that? If I eventually get her number what should I say? tips appreciated


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  • Personally, I'd think it would be really sweet if a guy took enough interest and made the effort to get my number like that, so I think you should go for it! Keep in mind that your mutual friend might tell her that you took an interest (especially if the mutual friend is a girl) but that's not a bad thing! As for what to say, you could just tell her you had fun last time you were together but forgot to ask her for her number so you had to get it from your friend, but you'd love to hang out again sometime. Maybe invite her to another event that you know the mutual friend will be at as well (so she has another reason/excuse to go and would know someone else there). Best of luck!


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  • I actually had a guy recently ask my girlfriend for my number and she asked me. I hinted that I wasn't interested and it honestly made things a little easier. I think there is nothing wrong with trying and for me it didn't feel weird at all it kind of made me feel good.

    If you get her number your already ahead of the game. Just mention you really enjoyed talking to her last time and would like to chat again soon.

    Good Luck!

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with asking for her number at all. I agree with what everyone's said. I mean, friends set their friends up with their other friends all the time, and you asking for her number really isn't any different. Plus, she'll probably be way flattered.

    If you do get her number, just say that you really enjoyed meeting her and you thought you guys had a good time, and you'd like to get to know her -- that's not too intense, it doesn't make you seem too overzealous, and it gives her the room to comfortably get to know you.

  • I think she'll think your a chicken sh*t for not asking for it yourself. Why don't you just get your friend to have a party or make a plan for a bunch of people including her and just ask for it there. But if it's really not possible to do that, get it from your friend. It's sad but in this day and age who really cares

  • it may be awkward ... why don't you ask your friend to ask her to all hangout together again ? THEN in person , get her number yourself !

  • i think that if you have talked to her then I wouldn't be

    awkard once you text her out of no go

    ahead and ask your friend it won't hurt(:

  • hi there car18908 you should take her number from that girl this will be very good for you

    if you ask you are friend the number of that girl what you will say when you will call her up?

    she will think [first though in her head will be] what a guy he don't have courage to come up to me and ask my number as I am not that good and ... really she will


    SAY HI I am so and so and talk "ask her number give you are number "


    so you will talk talk talk and talk REALLY BELIEVE IT

  • I don't necessarily think it's that weird. Its only awkward if you make it awkward. I think you should just go for it. Ultimately, I think the girl will be happy you're interested in her. Good Luck!

  • I'm going to be real with you, this girl will appreciate it if YOU ask her instead of your friend. The first reason, she might think your ashamed to ask her, or she might think you are embarrassed or scared to, the second reason, it will just make your friendship with this girl awkwardly, so just go for it! I hope this helps!


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  • Yeah, I say ask your friend for her number; you have a pretty good excuse. When you talk to the girl again, just say, "it was cool meeting and talking to you; I just had to get your number from [your friend's name]. What have you been up to?" and just keep the conversation going from there, or remind her of what you two talked about the last time. Best of luck.

  • I agree with bubbels... but you should be very honest about why you got her # from her friend... honesty is key because you have nothing to hide as a man, if you can admit that you were shy of asking for her number, it is much better than have asking for her number confidently in the first place... but when its a romance interest its always best to call over the phone than text.

  • yes that's weak

  • Hiii I want a girls phone number

  • Use your friend's phone to screw with her and say stupid stuff your friend would never say and then admit its you and ask if she wants to meet up. It could work :) Just don't text her outta nowhere from a number she doesn't recognize... that comes off as creeper