Is cuddling considered cheating?

If you're dating someone, is cuddling with your guy friend considered cheating? No kissing or caressing or anything. Just you sitting in his lap on a couch with a bunch of friends around, or having your legs across his lap with his arm around your shoulders? Not fully laying down on the couch next to each other.

I mainly hang out with guys so I'm pretty comfortable around my male friends.


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  • uhh...first off...


    secondly...i think its best to "distance" yourself from your male friends a little bit...its the least bit of commitment you can make in a partners having more/close friends of the opposite sex tends to create jealousy and hate...

    when you meet with them tell your man that you ARE meeting them...and tell him honestly what you are that he can feel assured your not doing anything...uhh..."funny"...

    If your partner is the good "listener"-type of guy...try to be honest with him in saying that you are comfortable around your male friends...dont say anything specific like cuddling or will p*ss him off...

    Technically...flirting is not really cheating...and cuddling is not really flirting if the intensions are just be aware that your male friends that you cuddle with...are still guys...and they might get the wrong idea and such...and rumors spread after that...and you know how it is..

    hope that helped...


    Personally...i wouldn't really like my girlfriend to hangout with other guys behind my back...but I guess its okay to hug infront of me...since it is just a normal greeting...(I grew up in eastern europe btw...where we kiss on both cheeks as greetings)


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  • There's a fine line between goofing around with friends and being intimate. How would you feel if you saw your boyfriend with another girl sitting in his lap with her arms around him and her head on his shoulder?

    • And to directly answer the question, cuddling itself isn't strictly cheating, but it's a precursor to intimacy that would be cheating. Whether or not you actually cross that line, if your boyfriend were to see you cuddling with another man, he'd have to wonder if you had crossed the line. It would make him suspicious, hurt his feelings, and add a negative energy to your relationship.

  • I sure as hell would not like that.


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  • I don't think it's cheating strictly speaking, but I wouldn't like my boyfriend cuddling with his female friends.

  • Different people have different opinions about what constitutes cheating. Generally, I say that cheating is when you break the rules that you and your partner have set out for your relationship. If you haven't had this conversation yet, or if you have, but you didn't think about cuddling when you had it, you should talk about it. If you're not sure about something, I would follow these rules:

    1. If think it might hurt or bother your partner, don't do it (at least not until you ask them if they woud be okay with it).

    2. If you wouldn't do it in front of your partner or tell them about it, don't do it.

    3. If it woud bother you if your partner was the one doing it, don't do it.

  • If you walked in and found your boyfriend sitting on the couch with one of his girl friends sitting in his lap and just cuddling and snuggling with him, how would that make you feel?

  • Cuddling is definitely a form of emotional intimacy that naturally progresses to physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy develops a special, unspoken bond between 2 people. The physical progression just reaffirms that bond. However, cuddling (in only a couple instances) typically remains innocent either bc of a natural conformity to societal norms (familial relations) or 1 of the 2 people have zero emotional, mental or physical attraction for the other (partial intimacy bc at least 1 person may have a level of attraction for the other which eventually leads to problems). Any other scenerios can easily become more than innocent in nature. Its best to keep the cuddling exclusive to your relationship.

  • Cheating involves any sort of intimacy that you're sharing with another person that you should only be sharing with your significant other. As far as I think, cuddling sometimes seems even more intimate than sex, because you're expressing the desire to be physically close to another person, to have them hold you. It's very intimate, even if there's no sexual touching.

  • its inappropriate. I wouldn't want my guy letting his "female friend" cuddle in his lap. I'd start some sh*t with her