GUYS-if the guy doesn't pay, does that mean it wasn't a date/bad sign?

I hung out with this guy for the first time one-on-one, and the first thing we did was go to a hookah bar. It was my idea, so all along in my head I knew I wasn't gonna let him pay for me if he offered, but when we were leaving and went to pay, he handed me $10 which would cover basically half of... Show More

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  • Lol, I'm a little confused. It sounds like the hookah bar was just hanging out, and he thought that was kind of a date. And then when you went to go out to eat he went with the flow of just hanging out. And he may have been a little confused. He probably didn't know if you felt like if he payed for you it might have overstepped your boundaries - like, taking away form your independence, if you like to pay your own way. Some people are like that. Like, if you have ever stepped in to give someone a hand and they take it the wrong way because they want to do whatever they're doing on their own/learn by them self/ or pay their own way, whatever - that kind of thing. Which is understandable. But I don't think he knew how far to take that. And that's where he might have gotten confused and said "Whoa, now I'm going to expect you to pay and bring me flowers!" That's kind of saying: Is this a role reversal or something? And I don't think he knew whether you present yourself as really independent or if getting something to eat was an actual date where he should of insisted on paying. But I think you're going to have to go out on an actual date to see what it really means.