Another girl likes my boyfriend ...How can I respond?

First of all, this kind of thing happens all the time. Why wouldn't it? I love my boyfriend and find him attractive why wouldn't other girls find him attractive too? He's currently taking classes, and there's a girl in one of them who invited him over to a study session with him. I... Show More

Well, when I asked him about how his study night went, he wouldn't answer me. I tried to let it go, but I eventually asked him outright if that girl had done anything, if she kissed him. He wouldn't answer me. I tried to let it go. They had study
Session planned for next night but she had to cancel. Then Monday night was our date night. So they're meeting again tonight. I am so anxious I can't even sleep. He was more distant from me this week but he gets that way sometimes.
Happy update: I talked to him before he went to his study session tonight, told him how he is special to me and how I love him, and said I don't want to lose that with him, that that's where my fear about the other girl comes from. So I said,
"Please don't let her do anything." He didn't really answer, just gave me a kiss and left... He came home early from their session, said she'd tried to make out with him, and he refused to and said, "I have a girlfriend" several times to her, and finally
Left because it got too uncomfortable. He said he's going to ask to change partners tomorrow, and she knows it too. :-) So I tried to be tender with him, and we laughed together before he went to bed. Thank you for the advice, everyone! :-)

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  • I think if he reallt cared about your feelings, he'd take into account the fact that you're uncomfortable with this studying situation. I'm sure that there are lots of uglier, just-as-capable people in his class. If studying with her is unavoidable, like they are assigned parteners or something, it's completely inappropriate for them to be in each others' rooms or apartment, etc. There are plenty of public places like the library, the student center, plopped on a square of grass in the main outside hangout of campus, where they could be studying.

    He tells you these things all the time because wants you to be jealous. He wants you to know that girls find him desirable so you don't forget how "lucky" you are. There's a difference from this and him just being honest with you so he doesn't feel like he's hiding things from you. If he was JUST being honest with you, he wouldn't even allow himself to be in avoidable tempting situations, like the studying situation.

    He doesn't sound like a guy that's right for you. Even if he's 100 percent just being honest with you, you seem like you need a man that would never ever be in a situation or allow himself to be in a situation that would make you feel vulnerable. You deserve it!

    • That is a REALLY good point about location. I didn't even think about that. I wonder - if they studied in a public place, would that make it a less tempting situation for him? That is such a good point. I don't think he should let himself get into that kind of situation either.

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    • So how did it go??

    • It went okay. :) Ever since he came home that day after he turned her down, and the next day when he said she wouldn't stop staring at him in class, he hasn't mentioned her since.