Girls: Do you find musicians attractive?

Curious, since I've seen a lot of patterns where girls seem to be oddly interested in people with artistic abilities. What makes them special or if... Show More

Thank you everyone for your responses! :D

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  • Well, I grew up in the 80's where I found the guys of all the rock bands sexy! Like Bon Jovi, Brett Michaels, etc. Now that I am older, I honestly don't know any musicians. I think that a man who knows how to play an instrument is very attractive, as it makes him seen as an intellegent guy, and I think most girls associate musicians as being somewhat rebles or bad boys. And many girls fall for the bad boy. I think it also depends if you are a "struggling" musician, very successful, or if you just do it as a side hobby, as I am sure there are many doctors and lawyer types who play an instrument or are in a small band on the side as a hobby( think Hugh Laurie's House character). His character is very attractive to woman at least of my age in my 30's. I don't know if this helps , but as you can see, artistic men or musicians can still vary personality and look wise. The only turn off for me would be if they were not a nice person, or now that I am older if they were poor,struggling musicians, as not nice as that sounds, when you are younger you probably wouldn't care about the money as I did not, but once you get older and have a house , car and money of your own, I would not want to be with someone who wasn't at my level financially, as you get sick of struggling. Good luck!

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