Girls: Do you find musicians attractive?

Curious, since I've seen a lot of patterns where girls seem to be oddly interested in people with artistic abilities.

What makes them special or if you're on the other end of the spectrum, what turns you off to them?

Thank you everyone for your responses! :D


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  • Well, I grew up in the 80's where I found the guys of all the rock bands sexy! Like Bon Jovi, Brett Michaels, etc. Now that I am older, I honestly don't know any musicians. I think that a man who knows how to play an instrument is very attractive, as it makes him seen as an intellegent guy, and I think most girls associate musicians as being somewhat rebles or bad boys. And many girls fall for the bad boy. I think it also depends if you are a "struggling" musician, very successful, or if you just do it as a side hobby, as I am sure there are many doctors and lawyer types who play an instrument or are in a small band on the side as a hobby( think Hugh Laurie's House character). His character is very attractive to woman at least of my age in my 30's. I don't know if this helps , but as you can see, artistic men or musicians can still vary personality and look wise. The only turn off for me would be if they were not a nice person, or now that I am older if they were poor,struggling musicians, as not nice as that sounds, when you are younger you probably wouldn't care about the money as I did not, but once you get older and have a house , car and money of your own, I would not want to be with someone who wasn't at my level financially, as you get sick of struggling. Good luck!


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  • I don't know what it is,but I have a thing for guys who are in bands,I guess because I am into bands myself and when they are talented and can sing or play guitar or drums,I guess it's attractive in a way and especially if they sing for you haha

    • Thanks for the response. :]

  • Hell Yeah! Guys in bands are hot.

  • i love music, like, ridiculous amounts. rock pop classical whatever, I can do nothing but sit and listen for hours. I am loving arcade fire at the moment :') for someone to produce music through their own passion and skill is a massive turn on. I like it when guys can play music but that would never be the deciding factor of a relationship, its just a bonus ;)

    having said all that, my ex was a guitarist (really good one, grade 8 etc) but after our breakup he turned into a TOTAL creep, stalkery. lol I think a lot of musicians can be like that sometimes..

    • Baha, that's really weird! But it's awesome you like music that much. :D

  • yepp like NEBERIE said... girls like people who are passionate.

    I, myself, am a very passionate person, so to find a guy with that same trait is awesome. :]

    To me it shows that you are caring, and hopefully, loyal and trustworthy person and not some tool.

  • sometimes they can be. it really depends on how they act about it. it would be alright if they didn't brag about it, and it was just something they could do modestly. I wouldn't date a guy in a band however or one who makes a big production out of the fact he plays an instrument. I wouldn't date the guy in the band because they can think of themselves as entitled and therefore would probably make bad boyfriends. of course there are exceptions, but for the most part for me, no, I don't find them attractive.

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  • Hey ladies I play 3 instruments!

  • Girls like people who are passionate about something anything and if it is something they like too it makes it that much better. So music doesn't work to get the girl interested in you. If you are into your music it will just attract her naturally.

    • I could see that happening. It's not for me, I'm already a musician. I've just had girls come to me before BECAUSE I was a musician, not because of me being me. I wanted to see what other people thought of it.

  • Carrie Underwood is HAWT!

    • I'm carrying underwood.

  • They don't. It's a myth. I play guitar and piano, and girls don't give a damn.

  • Only the attractive ones...