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What does it mean if a guy calls you sweetheart?

i have a crush on one of my guy friends and he's been flirting for a while now, but he's kind of flirty in general, so that's y I'm not entirely sure... Show More

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  • From my past experiences I'd say it depends on the guy,and how often he's saying these things. If he's saying it all the time I'd get a little suspicious, I mean a guy always calling you sweetheart and all these cute names it would seem to me like he's trying to hard. Plus he's a flirty guy so you never really know with them. I've figured out it's best to just ask them and if they say no in a freaked out way tell them to stop leading you on because you don't want things to get awkward. Just my thoughts on it. Hope I helped,and good luck with him!

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  • It means you're all still teenagers, you're exercising, chill. And for your sake pay more attention to the poor guy or woman who teaches you at school rather than what those children at your school that you call "guys" what they say and hint, your parents don't send you to school for breeding or darn flirting or to give signals to guys, they send you there to get educated and build yourself a damn future, grades you're making at high school are going to determine your future. Oh my God, grow up a little, just a little bit.

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