What does it mean if a guy calls you sweetheart?

i have a crush on one of my guy friends and he's been flirting for a while now, but he's kind of flirty in general, so that's y I'm not entirely sure if he likes me or not. and the other day wen I was sitting in the hall finishing up my homework he left his group of friends and came over to sit by... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • From my past experiences I'd say it depends on the guy,and how often he's saying these things. If he's saying it all the time I'd get a little suspicious, I mean a guy always calling you sweetheart and all these cute names it would seem to me like he's trying to hard. Plus he's a flirty guy so you never really know with them. I've figured out it's best to just ask them and if they say no in a freaked out way tell them to stop leading you on because you don't want things to get awkward. Just my thoughts on it. Hope I helped,and good luck with him!