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He wants me to meet his kids. Is that a sign he sees the relationship as getting serious?

We have been dating two months and agreed to take things very slow. He gets his 5yr old son and 9 year old daughter every other weekend. ours is a... Show More

tomarrow is the day... I am so nervious! I want his kids to like me... He told me he has never introduced anyone to them before... I don't have kids. They are 9 and 5.. What do I talk about with them? I like kids, but these two have become very importa
important to me before I've even met them! ... I'm freaking out.
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  • It sure does.

  • I think so...but I'm a girl, but I have 3 kids and I am very particular about who I let be around my kids. How & why would you introduce random people to your kids? So I think dis is a good sign.

    • see. That's what I'm thinking too. No way would I want to be dragging random people in and out of their lives.. He really loves those kids and is a great dad. Very thoughtful, so I don't think he would have made the ofer without thinking it through... Thanks!

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