I wear diapers to bed (incontience) should I tell my boyfriend?

I am an attractive 24 year old, and have to wear diapers to bed. And no I am not lazy, I just happen to have a medical condition. I do not wear them anywhere else, just when I sleep.

My boyfriend doesn't know, and I am hesitant to tell him, Should I warn him? I don't see him by shallow, but it would be nice to get some input from some guys..

Guys if your girlfriend had to wear diapers, would you be weird-ed out? or run away?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell him when you are comfortable. If I really loved a girl with this condition it would not bother me one bit. It isn't your fault. Hell, I'd offer to buy her the damn diapers if she wanted. If he can't accept you be because of this then you are better off without him as he will eventually find out sooner or later.