I wear diapers to bed (incontience) should I tell my boyfriend?

I am an attractive 24 year old, and have to wear diapers to bed. And no I am not lazy, I just happen to have a medical condition. I do not wear them anywhere else, just when I sleep.

My boyfriend doesn't know, and I am hesitant to tell him, Should I warn him? I don't see him by shallow, but it would be nice to get some input from some guys..

Guys if your girlfriend had to wear diapers, would you be weird-ed out? or run away?


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  • Tell him when you are comfortable. If I really loved a girl with this condition it would not bother me one bit. It isn't your fault. Hell, I'd offer to buy her the damn diapers if she wanted. If he can't accept you be because of this then you are better off without him as he will eventually find out sooner or later.

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  • If he really loves you, he'll be understanding of any medical condition(s) that you may have. Your condition is no laughing matter, and thus shouldn't be embarrassing.

    • If he really loves you he won't make a big deal out of it, besides it's your fault.I also wear diapers because of an auto accident and people need to be more understanding. Good luck!

  • Ummmmmmmmmm

    there is no good way for your boyfriend to find out that you wear diapers

    but if you MUST let him know...

    umm a telephone is okay

    an email will do

    or just let him find out for himself

  • Is it bad if I think it's kinky?

    • Did you ever tell him?

  • It depends how close you are. If you don't know each other too well, wait until you know each other relatively well to tell him. But if you already know each other kinda well, then definitely tell him. If you want to have a healthy, strong, trustful relationship, then you need to tell each other things like this, no matter how embarrassing they are.

    • By the way, this isn't even embarrassing. I'm sure he won't care.

  • i wouldn't make a big deal about it since there's nothing you can do about it but I would suggest to you that you tell him sooner rather than later.

    btw, I wouldn't eat out anymore...

    • not eat out anymore? I only have the issue when I am sleeping. not like during the day, or when I am out at night.

    • I think he means he wouldn't give oral sex anymore

    • i don't like being given oral anyways

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  • If I was in your position, I wouldn't tell, only because guys aren't exactly sensitive to those situations, they normally do not care and I see no purpose in telling. But that's just me.

    • interesting, however not all guys are insensitive.

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    • Whatever

    • Guys are perfectly capable of being sensitive. Some aren't by nature, but I don't think the average man is any less sensitive than the average woman.

  • Only if you plan on having sex before sleeping.

  • Most of the horny kind of guys; They will be all over this! They will probably try to get you to wear more often! I would say that you should just come out and tell him. The sooner the better;Thus if things go south, less time involved, you each get on with your lives faster. I personally would not mind it, sometimes seek it out. I know having such a problem like this can be stressful. I am kind and caring enough to be there for the person, however they would want me.

  • Yes ofcourse you should tell him. Let him know first that is quite normal for women to have bladder and bowel control problems. Explain how it affects you, how you are coping and how you feel about it. In the future let him be part of it and ask him to help you.

  • I showed my boyfriend this question and he lol'd and said he would be turned off and that you should just not tell until you are married and even then keep it to yourself