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What does tickling mean?

ok,this guy I like tickles me after(or during)when he hugs me,or when were sitting and eating lunch,he'll tickle me randomly .i just wanna know what... Show More

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  • He likes teasing you. This could be a sign of friendship only, it could be a sign of something more. Can't say. If he's hugging you too, you're probably someone special to him, but I can't say if that's more of a romantic thing or a close and trusted friend thing.

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  • Teasing you. . . Likes you!

  • it's a way of getting a girl to like a guy. It works in a lot of cases

  • You need to see how he acts around other people. If he tickles everyone, sorry you're not too special. But if he's only tickling you, it's an extremely convenient way to get close to a girl w/out being creepy/threatening. He probably likes you.

  • Are these people kiding. If he is tickling you he is trying to get you to giggle and is thinking of sex. I always tickle my girls before sex. Cause its fun and I like the girl. And yes it means he totaly likes you. Usualy tickles leads to hugs or sex. Its so cool to tickle a girl and then start sqeezing her breasts. Total turn on. And means he is into you totaly.

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