Do guys really get attached to girls they've had sex with?

Its always made out to be that the girl is the one who gets the attachments, but don't guys do too? I mean if a guy has sex with a girl who's not just a girl he hooked up with as a spur of the moment and has known him for a long time then doesn't he too get attachments from sex?


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  • People only pair-bond to those who they feel are at least their equal. The problem is biology.

    Men are willing to have sex with women that they subconsciously consider biologically inferior. Why not? The number of offspring they can have is only limited by the number of times they can have sex with available women? This allows average women to have sex with hot men (Playas). If men ever met their match they may actually consider pair-bonding.

    Women, on the other hand, have to be more selective. Females must try to get the best mate they can keep. They owe that to their very finite number of offspring.

    The product is hot men thinking they are hot, average women thinking they are hot, and the rest of us grumpies unhappy alcoholics.

    Ok let me expand, a man who is an 8 out of 10 on the attraction esteem scale will willingly have sex with a woman lower on the scale but will only bond with an 8 or above like himself. So, when a female 7 on said scale hooks up with a male 8, she get's impressed, and ends up thinking this one's my keeper. If she only realized that he looked down on her then she would probably never give him a second look. However, in this case, she is poorly adjusted cause her workaholic dad didn’t love her enough allowing her narcissism to kick in. She tells herself that he thinks she is his equal since he is willing to have sex with her. "Wow, I'm an 8!" The sex is good for both but when he wants to go do laundry after the deed she just can’t figure him out.

    This ends up sucking worse later in relationships for singles and the divorcees in their 30’s when 75% of poorly adjusted women spent their 20’s sleeping around with the top 25% of men (AKA Players). The numbers aren’t important here. The important idea to grasp her is the idea that a few hot men are servicing many average women. It also means that these women will probably have to settle in marriage at 35 or so with a 5 or 6 after spending their youth on all the Cools and Alphas. They’ll rationalize they don’t need attraction to keep a thing going, straight up love is enough, and possibly regret with the whole of their sex-life for never having self-actualized that they were actually a 7 instead of an 8. It also sucks for all those 5’s and 6’s getting settled for. Hm, being settled for sux.

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      Wow what poppychock! Okay Mr. "Perfect"! I get it!