I got too attached and pulled away but I still want him, help?

The guy I like and was talking to is really sweet but I feel like he leads me on. He texts me all the time and never ignores me, tells me what I wanna hear, is really flirty and affectionate when we’re together... but rarely makes time for me unless it’s on his terms and at night when he’s done with everyone else. He goes out with friends and posts on social media, groups of guys and girls, and never invites me. He doesn’t invite me anywhere or include me in his life like that.

I tried to talk to him about it twice and told him I didn’t feel like a priority. He said he didn’t like to make plans because he forgets he made them, he’s not ready for a relationship and he doesn’t spend a lot of time with me because he doesn’t want to get attached. He also said he didn’t think I was very interested and he has said he doesn’t feel like I’m his type or that I’m attracted to him. He said he wanted to be best friends first. So I tried but I still felt like the last person he wanted to see and he was my priority. Even though I made him my priority I did my own thing and didn’t just jump whenever he wanted to see me. I wasn’t clingy and usually waited for him to text me first.

I’ve been ignoring him since Sunday. I need space because I was getting attached and he needs it as well. But I still want him, even if it is just friends for now, but I actually want to feel like a friend. What am I supposed to do now? I want him to miss me and figure out what he wants.
I got too attached and pulled away but I still want him, help?
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