Winked at a girl in my gym?

What do girls think when boys wink at them? do they like it? I recently winked at a girl in my gym. I found her very sexy and while running by her I just winked at her. lol. she was a bit confused but smiled back. what does that mean? do girls think a boy is a poser when he does something like that? do they think it's ridiculous? or do they think it's cute?


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  • They think, wow! Oh my godddd! They just - wow - does he like me? Oh, what should I say?! I've been here before : P Only thing I would say is only do it if you reallllly like the girl, because you could be getting her hopes up for nothing. : ) Gd luck! If you see her again, strike up a conversation! In that split second, what was her face like when you did wink? No worries if you can't remember. Take care!


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  • Hahaha, I just think winks are silly. And sometimes, cheesy. No offense, but I would probably just end up laughing a bit.

    • That's mean!! if I did that to you, I'd want to show you that I find you attractive. it would hurt me if you laughed at me :(

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    • Because I'm not one.

    • Lol. obviously not xD

  • i think... this guy's up him self and thinks I'm going to go all weak at the knee's just because he winked at me. give me a break!

    but I supose if it was a really nice looking wink, and it looked very genuion and non-slutty, I'd just give a little smile, but wouldn't think much of it.

    sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear. it looks like I'm alone in my opinion anyway lol :)

    • No, thanks for being honest.

      btw, what is a nice looking wink? and what is a slutty looking wink? I have no idea! lol.

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    • Why not? I also smile at girls I like. there is nothing wrong about it in my opinion. I love sexy girls and I want to know how they react to me. I want proof that other girls are still interested in me (good for my ego, you know?!). do you think I'm an asshole? for your information, I would never kiss another girl or something like that.

      may I ask you why you're stalking me?

    • If your girl know fine if nt ur a peice of sh*t and will get caught out and dumbed :)

      ha this just proves exactly what I said your stuck up and in that case your wink wasn't a nice one

  • I don't like it. I wonder what the hell he was thinking and what his intentions were. It's kind of cheesy. This guy winked at me at work once and I just rolled my eyes at him, I didn't like it.

    • "I wonder what the hell he was thinking and what his intentions were." wow! get a sense of humor, girl! not everyone is as classy as you. I understand that you don't like it, but you shouldn't exaggerate. if a guy winks at you, he doesn't think of you in a bad way. his intentions might be x-rated, but you should feel honored instead of being shocked. *changes into a gentleman, kisses your hand*

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    • Yeah, seriously. I mean if you know the girl I don't think she would take it that way, but I think that if a guy I don't know winks at me. It's sleazy. You should smile at her, smiling is better!

    • Yes! Smiling is much classier!

  • I take it as a way of saying "hey cutie how is it going". I like it when guys wink at me, I simply wink back ;)

  • well I guess just the girl you winked too was just taken back or surprised you did that. most of us girls find it cute and sexy at the same time it shows a guy has confidence enough to go up to a girl and ask her out for example. but a guy that has too much confidence and is too cocky is just a turn off, well some girls find that hot but not all of them


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  • Well from what I've heard before its either "I think he likes me" or "He's just a player trying to get with me".

    I think a nice smile would be better than a wink, but smiles are more subtle and won't be remembered as easily as a wink. Use with caution I guess.