Winked at a girl in my gym?

What do girls think when boys wink at them? do they like it? I recently winked at a girl in my gym. I found her very sexy and while running by her I just winked at her. lol. she was a bit confused but smiled back. what does that mean? do girls think a boy is a poser when he does something like that? do they think it's ridiculous? or do they think it's cute?


Most Helpful Girl

  • They think, wow! Oh my godddd! They just - wow - does he like me? Oh, what should I say?! I've been here before : P Only thing I would say is only do it if you reallllly like the girl, because you could be getting her hopes up for nothing. : ) Gd luck! If you see her again, strike up a conversation! In that split second, what was her face like when you did wink? No worries if you can't remember. Take care!