My girlfriend needs "time" and "space" to think about our relationship, should I give up or stay and wait..?

My girlfriend an I are approaching our 1 year anniversary and right now things aren't so good between us.. there was a point a few months ago that she kept saying that she didn't think that I cared about her, and due to the lack of information beyond that, after a while it just got old and I... Show More

update: I was talking to a guy who was there the night that this cheating happened, and he says that its gotta be BS because he was with me and left after I did..
also I told her that I was going to give her space and that we needed to stop the constant communication in order for her to make up her mind and that this was killing me to be talking to her like nothing happened.. this happened before the first update

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  • I'd maybe apologize once more - in writing on a card with flowers.

    After that - I'd back away and give her some space. Lay out what you want and tell her you'll wait for a while - but you want a relationship without recrimination and guilt - so if she can't forgive you and move one with you - you'll move one without her.

    Seriously dude - do not give her that much power.

    On the other hand - from her point of view - if she does take you back - then you need to be fully available and not thoughtless when it comes to giving her a sense of stability in the relationship. When I say this I mean you need to be emotionally available.

    Good luck

    • That is great advice.. thanks.. there's no worries about her not having that sense of stability if things work out.. the cheating is so unlike me that my closest friends are shocked, and again, it wasn't a planned event... as for the thoughtlessness, well I know the error of my ways, I took her for granted and I never should have

    • I am hopeful it will work out for you! Thanks the for the "best answer"! I think (and feel) that women want to feel secure in their relationship and that you are "with" her so she doesn't have to worry or be jealous... the more you focus on those things ... the better and more open you will be. Fingers are crossed for you!